Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sled Riding=)

Well, as most of you know through Zach's blog, things have been kinda crazy with the Koleman these past few weeks. This week has been so much better! I am not sure if he just got the mommy time he needed, or the new discipline routine of behavior charts, time outs, and restricted tv time is working. I really don't care which, I am just glad to have my boy back! He seemed like a different child there for a while!
Student teaching is going just fine. I am a third of the way done, though I feel like it has been a year instead of just four weeks. I am getting good reviews from both my cooperating teacher and my supervising teacher. They say I am organized (i do not feel like I am at all!), seem very comfortable while teaching, and have connected with the students. I think that I am doing OK though I am very ready to move on with life and get this crap done with. High school students already know what I am going to say. Most of my students are doing well (the ones who come to class), and I do really enjoy most of them. Haha.

The weather here in good ole WV has been, well strange lately. We had such a beautiful day on Sunday. The kinda weather that makes you want to be outside so bad, not only because the sun is shining perfectly, or because the temp is oh so right, but because it was the first perfect day since winter hit. We played outside, went on a walk, had a picnic, and looked at some historical stuff at Prickets Fort. The midweek forecast was dreary, rainy, and gradually got colder. Finally, it snowed today. Hopefully our last snow of the year. For this reason, I figured that Kole needed one last chance to get out there and be a kid while plummeting down the ever so high hill on Wind Ridge Manor. The wind was whipping, our faces were rosy (and numb!) but we had so much fun!

I just wanted to share some photos with all of you bloggers out there of the last of the winter (hopefully) sled riding adventures.

Kole is so excited and ready to go! Hurry up Zach!

Kole was the "pusher". Zach is about to go down the BIG HILL!!!

We went down together this time. I was praying we wouldn't topple. I did NOT want snow in my face!

The ride down. We were squealing the whole way!

Kole was brave and went down by himself! This was the little hill. He actually went down the big hill twice! We did not get any pictures of that because it was a little nerve racking so I wanted to be sure to have my hands free! He got down the big hill and said "Mommy, that was so fun!!!"

The dreaded walk back up.

Kole was trying to catch snow flakes on his tongue.

After we came in, I made some snow ice cream and some hot chocolate. It was a perfect ending to the end of winter (I hope). If only we could figure out some way for it to snow every morning (for 2 hour delays) and be 70 degrees for the rest of the day.....hum.

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