Friday, April 3, 2009


I love Spring. Not as much as Fall, but I do love getting back the color in nature. It is exciting.

I drew this on my white board of Rivesville. Trees on the brain.

I have been on a plant kick lately. And by lately I mean since Jan. I bought an a granny smith apple tree and planted it on a warmer day (above 30) in Jan. It is actually still alive! I was a little surprised. It is budding and look healthy and the deer haven't eaten it yet. I borrowed a tomato cage from my inlaws and wrapped mesh around it. They haven't figured out how to get into it yet.

So after the first tree, I couldn't stop thinking about trees. I bought a few more and now we have 8 redbuds, 4 apple trees, and 1 pear tree. I want an orchard in the back yard. That would be awesome.

After the tree phase, i went through a seed phase. Here are some pictures.

This first picture is 4 eggplant seedlings! They are doing really well. Better than I thought they would actually.

This is crimson clover. It came with an herb packet of seeds from ebay. I don't really know what you use it for or what it would look like. Its very bushy and looks like....well clover. Go figure=)

The middle is crimson clover and the other two are peonies. They are doing ok. We will see as they are still very newly sprouted.

These are my baby tomato plants! These didn't start well but when I moved them under this light they just shot right up. If you can see, the one is under the lamp shade! Can't wait to get these in the garden. These seeds came with a kit from the dollar store=).

These are the tomato plants from that same kit. I have it rigged up in the kitchen until the weather gets better and I can hang them outside. They did really well at first but now, they aren't doing so well. They have stopped growing and some of the leaves near the bottom of each plant are dying and falling off. I have been spraying them with epsom salts and I might have over done it. Any Suggestions???

This is close up of the above plants. The leaves are yellowing and they definately are not as big as the others. These sprouted first and were doing much better, but then they just quit.....

So anyways, if anyone out there has any suggestions, fill me in! It might be the epsom salt and water mix i was spraying, or something else. I just want tomatoes!

Zach is putting up with my planting frenzy pretty well. He just chuckles and lets me do my thing. We just got a new building from Lowes to replace the one that got blown away in the storm. Zach is pumped about it. It is much bigger and ncier than the old one. He went today and got a zero turn lawn mower as well. That boy and his toys. Atleast the lawn will be mowed and we will have a place to put the mower=). I am happy about that!

Kole man is doing great. He is reading now and is very good at it! We are thinking about putting him in soccer soon. Karate was fun, but after 6 weeks, they repeat the lessons and I think that he is geting bored with it. We will finish this session up and move on to something that can keep him moving and interested!!!!

I ended up not geting RIFed!! That was such good news for us! It was such a stressful time not knowing if I was going to have a job next year or not. I am glad it is over for now. We are going to push for a bill that requires FACS to be offered in middle school so this doesn't happen again. We will see what happens next year.

So here is the update my friends. Enjoy!

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