Monday, October 4, 2010

Help With Blog Design

Ok, So I am super frustrated with my blog design. I can not get the template the way I want it. Blogger now has this new thing (or new to me), the design tab. I, at first, used this and didn't like the results. So I tried to get rid of it. It wont go away. So I then went to a blog template site and tried to use one of those, but the design from blogger kept overriding the template I had chosen from the other site.


Does anyone know how to fix this? What are good websites to find templates? How do I get my Banner to display what I want it to? I've seen several other peoples blogs and their banners, and they are able to make them larger with a photo or other decor. I want this too! But I can't figure it out.

So if you have some tips for me, please let me know=)

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