Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Days....YEA!

SNOW DAYS!!!!!! Today we had a snow day, and yesterday was a snow day too! This is a teacher's favorite time of year (except for the summer of course=).

We were kinda lazy yesterday. On snow days, I like to do things I can not normally do during the week. I baked FOUR loaves of bread! Three regular white loaves in the oven, and one wheat loaf in the bread maker. I cut one loaf up and made french toast for dinner last night (we are fans of breakfast for dinner). We ate the whole loaf. It was delicious if I do say so myself.

Zach didn't have to go in to work yesterday because it was so bad out, so he got to work in the "man cave" for a few hours and then just hang out with us. Zach and Kole shoveled snow, though I think Zach did most of the shovelling. I salted. Everything is iced over now, though, but atleast we got a little workout!

The freezing rain started coming down around dark so Kole and I went sled riding. We went soooo fast down the hill because it was a sheet of ice!!!

This is the crazy snow man we made with the "perfect kind of snow" as Kole says.

Yes, his eyes are mandaran oranges. The carrot nose. Twigs for hair. And last but certainly not least, beef jerky for the mouth. We are a creative bunch.

Kole was freezing by this point!

And I will leave you with a short clip from Karate class last week. He didn't have a nap this day and you can tell by the lack of attention span. Anywho, enjoy!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Here it is folks....

The last 6 months:


I started my new job at the end of August and it has been so rewarding (and challenging). I really like what I am doing! I wasn't sure if I would but with each month it got better and better. I think that my students have really enjoyed FACS class and have learned some valuable info, though I think that I am actually the one who learned the most!

Kole started into a pre-K program. It started well ( atleast as far as we knew). More on that later.

Prepping for the wedding. This was stressful! Getting all of those last minute details finished and trying to make sure that we were are prepared as could be was way more of a challenge than I could have ever imagined.

Overall, September was a busy month for us but we got through it.


Wedding! Otober the 4th we were married at Deer Park Country Inn. It was so amazing and everything I could have ever wished for. We were so pleased with how everything turned out.

Our First dance with the bluegrass band in the background.

The awesome cake! Thanks, Aunt Donna!

Right after we had the ceremony! I like this pic.

Kole is such a ham. We got alot of these super cute photos of him because of that trait.

My awesome flowers! They did a wonderful job on these and I loved them.

Some love.

The guys.

The girls.

The siblings.

Ok so you get the picture. Actually there are 634 of them! I have yet to make a book with the best but I did narrow it down to just 75 awesome ones. The photographer was seriously jumping out of bushes shouting cheese at any and every given moment.

Staying at Deer Park was a wonderful experience and I am so glad that we did. We really enjoyed being able to relax there before and after the festivities.

In other news......We went on our honeymoon in October! First to Williamsburg where we skipped the Colonial part and went to the outlets!. Then on to Ocracoke which is the last island of the outers banks of NC. It was so beautiful. A small quaint town with kickin coffee, miles of national seashore, and really good food at Howard's Pub. We stayed at an awesome Villa...At the Castle! This was our View........The Harbor!

Overall a great trip! We really missed Kole though and were glad to get home and try out the new house!!! The house has been wonderful and we are enjoying the new found space.

When we came back from Honeymoon, I got served papers (the Schmidt is taking me to court for parental rights) and we found out that Kole's pre-k was not really working out. Ends up the guy that ran the place was a huge jerk. He told us he didn't like Kole. WHO DOESN"T LIKE A FOUR YEAR OLD?!?!? Needless to say, we pulled him outta there pretty quickly and it was so amazing the change in him just getting him back to his old school. He is doing great and learning so much there....and they LOVE him!

Also in october:

Halloween: Kole was a robot, Zach and I didn't dress up and I really wish we would have. Guess theres next year!

Our Pumpkins...these were fun!

October as super super crazy with much goings on.....but it was so awesome as well!


Thanksgiving, Koles B-day, and much inbetween! Sadly, this is the only picture I have to represent November. This is the aftermath of Kole's Birthday...it is the morning after I believe.


Christmas, parties, and cookies. It was a good month overall, though we will really miss Papaw. He was such an amazing person and example for all of us.

Kole's Christmas Card PhotoOur mismash of a tree=) Matching "overhauls" as kole says. We had so much fun on this trip.
These are repeat pics but I wanted to post them again=).January:

New years eve (celebrated at home with close friends), Koles Karate class.

New years was so much fun! We played guitar hero and had good food with friends at home. There wasn't much else to do and we ended up really enjoying ourselves so we might just make it a tradition!

Kole started Karate this month and is having a blast with it. He can not wait until Wednesday of each week. It is a six week program, once a week for about 45 minutes. Each class, if he listens well, he gets a stripe on his belt. Last week they practiced punches, this week was blocks. Kicks are next. By the end, they are actually going to use the moves on each other! The class is for 4 to 6 year olds so I have a feeling that this is going to be hilarious! He is the tallest child (except for an autistic child who is 8) in the group which consists of around 13 students. One the first day we realized that his best buddy from school was in the class as well as our new neighbors son! That was really exciting for Kole. Here are a couple of videos of Karate class (watch for the dancing at the end)!

So, there you go folks, you are up to speed. This has taken me hours to do so I have learned my lesson and will never go for six months without blogging. I promise. If you want to see more wedding Pics you can visit my facebook page. I have posted most of them there.

Much love to all!

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's coming....

So I am sitting at my desk in Fairview, reading everyone's blogs. I haven't posted since we were all wearing tank tops.
I apologize.
I am sure that no one is checking my blog anymore. But if you are hanging on by some glimmer of hope that I will soon update my blog, the time has come!!!

Except that time is not this very minute. You see, I am on my work computer at school. I have no pictures to show with this computer. And I will not sum up the last 6 months of our lives without some pictures.

Speaking of, if any one wants to see some wedding pictures I have posted some (180) on facebook and plan to post the rest this evening. It is time I stopped neglecting my cyberworld people.

You can trust me. Come back in a week (or less) and there will so much wonderment to behold, it will blow your face clean off.

Until then, my faithful bloggers.

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