Sunday, February 17, 2013


Happy Weekend!
There is some growth going on at Brown Acre, and I wanted to share it!! 

But first......

We had a great v-day and hope everyone else did too! 
Kole and I made our traditional heart cake and we all decided that we did not like strawberry icing. 
Next year, we will just dye the vanilla stuff pink=).

Kole and I worked on his valentines for school. This is what we came up with.....

 I had them printed at wal-fart. I hate that place. And they screwed them up by cutting off the tops! Grrrrr at you wal-fart. 

Even so, I think they turned out super cute and everyone commented on them. So overall, even with a wal-fart mess up, they were still worth it. 

Today (saturday) I have been crafting a little, cleaning a little, and waiting on my boys to leave and go to the BBall game at WVU so I can go shopping=). 
I have plans for tractor supply (you'll see why in a moment), kohls, joanns, and perhaps motherhood (have I ever told you how pushy they can be there?!?).

Here are a few things I accomplished today in preparation for the big craft show in March. 

My famous fabric earrings=)

Sneak peak of some baby items that I will be featuring at the show. These are pacifier leashes (or whatever they are called). Trying to make gender specific as well as gender neutral ones to please everyone. And you better believe I will be making a few for BB.=)

So that is the first growth...growth of the business. 

Next on growth, I have always wanted french copper maran chickens. They lay the darkest eggs EVER!! I did some research and my favorite company does sell chicks, but for $10 a piece! Thats alot considering other breeds are only a few dollars. Couple that with the fact that they wont be able to ship them until july, I decided to take matters into my own hands. 

I purchased an incubator with a gift card we got for christmas. 
And ordered some eggs! 

I not only got a few kinds of Maran eggs, I also got some silkie batams! I can't wait till they hatch. 
Which should be on Monday!!!!! WOOT WOOT!! So exciting. 

I just took them off the automatic turner as this is 3 days out from hatching. This is my first time trying anything like this, so it should be interesting. I hope some of them hatch. I will be so sad if I screwed up somehow and get no chicks on monday=(. 

Here they are....just chilling. I haven't candled any so its a crap shoot for which are actually growing...

Because I want to be prepared (well as prepared as possible) I made up the little chick home today. I wanted to use as much of the stuff we already had laying around and so far so good!!

Hopefully, this is going to work for them. 
I used an old tote container, wood shavings left over from a previous project over newspaper, and the old reptile light stand from when we had turtles....I'll just put a new heat lamp in. 

I am running to tractor supply today to purchase some feed, a waterer, and a feed dispenser. 

Once the chicks go in, I'll cover the top with left over chicken wire to protect them from the cats. 
Should be a fun experiment!

 Next area of growth.....

This is my set up for now. I moved a table to an unused corner of the basement and set up my awesome grow lights. So far, I only have two flats under here, but its still early in the game. I have a feeling this table will be full come march. 

I just planted some lettuces and chives today. 

These are tomato plants! A little early, I know. But I wanted to try out the greenhouse this spring so its all an experiment. 

Broccoli Raab. Delish? We shall find out!!

And last but not least, BB is growing too!! 

This is 26 weeks. 
(Did you notice the metal thingy in the bottom corner? Another post on what that is soon....)

So much growth. So many changes. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lovely Long Weekend

It's been a wintery long weekend! A snow day on friday, and more snow on the way...we may get another this week....fingers crossed=). 

Here are parts of my weekend in photos.

The chicken water keeps freezing, so every morning, I have whipped up some 
warm, fresh water (with a splash of organic apple cider vinegar) for the "girls".

I also whipped up some oatmeal for the girls and took it to them while it was steaming....they loved this treat!
I was rewarded with some delish eggs that we used in breakfasts this weekend!

K-man and I decided to make some "ninja" bread cookies...totally from a box. 

Here we are getting a mini lesson in rolling dough and using cookie cutters...

...meanwhile, I made some awesome muffins!! (sorry, also from a box. But they were really good=)

Here are some of the finished ninjabread men. It was so fun to decorate them! 

We made the best of this one whose head fell clean off. 

My personal fav. The ninjabread backpacker.

I went shopping during a weather break with my bff and we found this! Twice the size of my head. And I thought mine were getting

We attended KB's bday party during a snow storm...such troopers! We ever help decorate a little=). 

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Having some fun jumping in the bouncy house. 

Looks like more snow is in the forecast, but I wanted to share what our lovely long weekend has held so far. Today has been super lazy and will continue to be as well casually watch the SuperBowl (commercials...). 

Peace out girl scouts.

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