Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lovely Long Weekend

It's been a wintery long weekend! A snow day on friday, and more snow on the way...we may get another this week....fingers crossed=). 

Here are parts of my weekend in photos.

The chicken water keeps freezing, so every morning, I have whipped up some 
warm, fresh water (with a splash of organic apple cider vinegar) for the "girls".

I also whipped up some oatmeal for the girls and took it to them while it was steaming....they loved this treat!
I was rewarded with some delish eggs that we used in breakfasts this weekend!

K-man and I decided to make some "ninja" bread cookies...totally from a box. 

Here we are getting a mini lesson in rolling dough and using cookie cutters...

...meanwhile, I made some awesome muffins!! (sorry, also from a box. But they were really good=)

Here are some of the finished ninjabread men. It was so fun to decorate them! 

We made the best of this one whose head fell clean off. 

My personal fav. The ninjabread backpacker.

I went shopping during a weather break with my bff and we found this! Twice the size of my head. And I thought mine were getting

We attended KB's bday party during a snow storm...such troopers! We ever help decorate a little=). 

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Having some fun jumping in the bouncy house. 

Looks like more snow is in the forecast, but I wanted to share what our lovely long weekend has held so far. Today has been super lazy and will continue to be as well casually watch the SuperBowl (commercials...). 

Peace out girl scouts.

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