Saturday, January 26, 2013

New projects and Life Updates

Well hey. 

I always feel bad when I neglect my blog for a few days/weeks (or even months as I have been known to do in the past). 

Things have been kinda hectic on Brown Acre the past few weeks. 
Isn't this pic cool! the center egg is the first laid by my Golden Phoenix Bantam, aka "Goldie". So tiny! We have gotten 2 more since then! I thought she would never lay an egg!!

#1 Today, I'm 23 weeks pregnant! 
And, oh the exhaustion! If I could take a nap between 12:30 and 2 everyday I would be a much nicer person. Unfortunately, there is no napping for a full time working gal. The students would probably go bonkers if I decided to lay my head down on my desk...even for a few minutes (and trust me, I've thought about it). 
BB is moving around a bunch now! I have actually watched my belly moving....strange stuff! 
Still, every time Z tries to feel some kicks, BB stops moving. Oh well. K-man, on the other hand has felt a couple different kicks...even while waiting in line at the post office! 
I'm getting more anxious everyday about getting things done before he gets here, naming him!!, and all the other general worries about having a newborn all over again. 
The newest symptom is preggo brain. I swear my head feels "cloudy" all the time! Like I can't put a thought together or finish a sentence. 
.....what was I saying???
#2 I had my hearing that determined I will not have a job next year, unless someone retires. Boo. 
I had a little visit from some higher ups a few weeks ago, so I knew this was coming. 
But it still is stressful.
 Another program is getting cut in the county and that teacher has more seniority than I, so I get bumped out for next year. The board members were clear about the fact that they think I am a great teacher and has nothing to do with my abilities as a teacher. That made me feel good, even though I already knew it, but it doesn't change the fact that I have only 5 years of teaching under my belt. 
 I'm staying positive about the situation though. Someone could retire and I could magically be back in...or they won't and God will open up some other doors for me.  
He has a plan! I'm excited to see what it is. At the same time, I'm nervously awaiting the big reveal. 
I'd just like to know now, so I could prepare....but His timing is best...I just have to keep reminding myself of that. 

#3 I have been trying to complete projects! 

I signed up for a craft show in March, and I know that it is going to take more time than ever to get ready, simply because everyday I get bigger, getting around is more difficult, and I am more exhausted! No late nights of sewing for me anymore! 

One of my newest projects that I will feature at the craft show will be Ipad and e-reader cases! (Funny thing is, I don't own either of I have tested them to make sure they fit with those owned by family.) I made one for my sis and she loved it. 
Here is one of the prototypes:
I'm going to try to add lace to each one for my signature look. 
Also, check out those new labels!! Yea, I made them. It was a process with my Mac. I don't have photoshop (I should probably invest in it...) so I had to create my "reversed text" on my other small non-mac and then send it to myself via email, open it on my mac, then customize further...whew! But I did it all by myself=). 

I found this old lamp at the goodwill a few months back. I tried spray painting the base (not the glass though) but that was a disaster. I then came up with the brillant idea to wrap jute twine, in different widths, around the metal base. This took FOREVER! Such a tedious project....and with my crafters ADHD I had to take several breaks. The motivation to complete it was this AWESOME lamp shade I found at Target. Check out the green glass base...can you see the small light inside???? How cool is that! 

 Lastly, I made a maternity pillow. I was going to include the tutorial in this post, but I decided to wait and do that another time. Here is the finished product!!

If I would change anything, it would be to make it slightly longer....but other than that its been comfy!

I will leave you with the most awesome mugs ever found at the Goodwill ( I love that place). 

How cute are these?!?

Have you ever found something amazing at a thrift store? What was it!??

Peace out, Girl Scouts! Have a fantastic weekend! 

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Rachel said...

Love the update! I've basically given up on my blog... (obviously). I'm constantly amazed by your craftiness, and the labels look awesome! So sorry about your job, but I'm encouraged by your attitude. It takes a lot of life to get us to that point, doesn't it?? :) Love you!

Deborah said...

Love all of your crafty things. I am SOOOO not skilled in that way! SO sorry to hear about the job cuts. Unfortunately, too many really good teachers are being let go just because of their fewer years experience. Your faith in God's timing is so right-on, though! Thank you for having a great perspective.

Mom said...

Your mother finally read your latest post. Neat update. I know we talk, but it's good to read the "closed caption". You are amazing, dear!

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