Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fabric, my love.

What a wonderful weekend!! 

 I have accomplished little to nothing as far as house work/projects/work work goes. 
But it was great even so! 

We kicked off the weekend with my sis and her children staying the night on Friday. Always a blast!! KB and K-man enjoy spending time together (even if the arguing like siblings drives their mothers crazy!) and Z and I enjoyed playing with the sweet L-baby! That girl is always (well almost) happy! She just grins and giggles and is so ornery for a 1 yr old! 

After they left on Saturday afternoon (and after naps had by all), we just lounged around, ate, and watched movies. So NICE!

Sunday, we attended church and then were off to the mall for the sole purpose of perusing the fabric store for inspiration for BB's nursery. We had lunch in the food court and then proceeded to Joanns. 
I had 25% off total purchase and 50% off one item coupons to use and upon entering the store, I discovered all redline fabrics were also 50% off!! I got some fantastic deals!!! 

Here are the fabrics I purchased for BB:

Green and Yellow terry cloth, navy and white graphic print in home decor fabric, blue chenille, navy and white houndstooth, and lime green and houndstooth fleece (for a fast blanket). 

And...... These beauties!
 (not pictured Pellon SF101 interfacing)
Sometimes, I just purchase whatever strikes my fancy, is on sale, and makes me smile! Some of these will become aprons, others purses/bags....
I got all this (17+ yards)  for $50! I was seriously impressed with myself.

I decided to check in with motherhood maternity to see what deals they had going on. I got a new pair of maternity skinny jeans and two tops. It's hard to feel cute and pretty with some of the maternity selections out there, so I'm glad I picked these up. 

After shopping, I was exhausted! I made it through the door, plopped on the couch, and made my dear husband rub my swollen feet/ankles. It was awesome.
Don't judge my slightly cluttered house and weird feet=). And yes, those are sponge bob pj pants. 

Finished up the weekend with K-mans fav dinner, Spaghetti and Meatballs (all homemade I may add).
Now, off to read and relax a little before bed. Back to work tomorrow!!

AH....I love weekends. 

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