Monday, May 12, 2008


I am finally done with school! Graduation was on saturday, and though I did not attend, I stil get a diploma. This is so exciting to be finished. Well, until grad school. Ha.

It feels really strange to be done. I was so stressed out, and overwhelmed that it almost became a normal feeling. Now that I don't have anything extremely pressing to do (other than laundry, cleaning the apartment, wedding planning, house hunting, organization of clutter, switching winter clothes for summer clothes, getting my car inspected, and getting on the sub list with the board of Ed) this new feeling of freedom and relaxation is so stinking strange. So yes, there are many things to be done but none of them seem as daunting or as stressful as this past semester was. If I could get through that, I feel like I could do anything. Like fight an ogre. Or drive a stick shift. Either way, what a good (and strange) feeling it is.

So my last blog was about sled riding. Sorry. I was so swamped with school and student teaching, I barely had time to breathe. I have big plans for the summer. I am going to sub (hopefully) till the end of the school year. Then I might work a few days a week at the daycare Kole attends. I also want to go to:

Carnegie Science Center

Kole has been really interested in Anatomy. I am not even kidding, though I wish I was. There is an awesome bodies exhibit at carnegie and I think he would really dig it.

I hear they have an awesome Dinosaur Exhibit as well. Kole will go nuts!

The Pittsburgh Zoo

We didn't get to go last summer and Koley just loves it, and so do I!!

Dave Matthews Band Concert

Its May 31st and we are pumped! Well I am. Zach is tolerating the idea=)

And possibly.........


Zach and Cass have invited us to visit them in Maine this summer. The idea is sounding better and better.

So there is is folks. An updated blog for all of you out there is cyber space. Much love to all.

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