Sunday, January 17, 2010

I made curtains!

Here is to another long weekend! I was having trouble putting these on facebook, so I am posting them here for those who wish to see=).
I made some curtains!
It takes pretty good measuring skills to get these perfect. I am proud of myself!
It is fun to take material and make something cool for your house.
I made four panels for the two windows in our bedroom. I used three different fabrics that I loved and got for a great deal at joann fabric. I loved the print, but I didn't want to overwhelm the windows and make them too busy, so I got this awesome, heavy greenish/yellow fabric for the top. The middle strip is a little smaller and it is the floral print, and the bottom is the smallest strip in a deep purple that I love!
Here are some close ups. I love this graphic floral. It is a good mix between modern and country, which I love. When the light comes through, the curtains look really cool, because the floral is a little lighter material than the other two so it lets moer lgiht through.

You can tell in the first picture why I now want to paint the walls! They totally don't 'GO'. But we have hated our wall color since we moved in so this is a good excuse to go ahead and paint!
Tomorrow, I am going to make some more stuff for etsy!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A snow day......

We got a snow day today! Long weekend for us=).

I just wanted to show the little project that I did today. Since it is FREEZING outside and roads are bad, I needed to entertain myself here, inside. Luckily, Zach has been playing with Kole, so that left me free to be creative. Here is how I spent my afternoon.

I made a pillow! Now, I know what you are saying. Pillows are easy! And I would say, yup they are.
But this was a fun project to fill a few hours on a lazy day when there was nothing else to do but clean. And who wants to clean on a snow day?!? Not me.

The cool flower is on both side of the pillow so there is no front and back. I cut random sized strips from the extra fabric that I had from the aprons. I sewed them together, the cut off the extra length from a few long strips. I cut out my petals, cut out the fusible interfacing, and ironed it all on and together. THEN, I topstitched along the edges of the petals to make sure they would never come off. That was time consuming but I think well worth it.
So, then I just folded the fabric in half, stitched along the edges (and the bottom), and flipped it, stuffed it, and slipstitched the opening.
I love it! And I get a little reminder of all those aprons. I just used the fabric that kinda matched, so I am going to do some more with the rest of the fabric I think.
So now, I have a new funky pillow for the house! I am totally making more=).
Now, I need to get some more stuffing from walmart, but we are snowed in!!
Oh well, another day. It is time for dinner anyways.
P.S. We are the P.J. family today! I just noticed that we all still have on our pj's and it is 5:15 pm. I LOVE snow days!!!!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

You gotta check this out......

Quick blog:

I can't stop looking......and laughing!!!!

Here is a preview......

It is CRAZY ( and I mean crazy!) people shopping at walmart. And yes. The lady in the photo has a dinosaur tail. I guess she thought it looked cool???

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