Monday, January 14, 2008

A day at the farm

Well, school has started and is already in full force. I have started block this semester. We are in class for four weeks and then finish out the semester in student teaching. There are so many assignments due already that I might just have a heart attack!

Kole and I got back from Arkansas this past Thursday. Overall, the trip was miserable but I was so thankful for the peaceful and relaxing (yet few) moments we got out at the farm. It is so cool to be able to hang out with your grandparents as an adult.

I heard many stories about my mother, aunts, and uncle (which were hilarious!), and just generally talked over coffee in the morning about random things that were on our minds, or not so random things that were serious.

All this said, Mamaw's and Papaw's farm is awesome. I was so sad to leave them at the end of the week but also happy to get back to my fiance and life in WV. Here are a few pictures from an afternoon on the farm.

Kole was so excited to get to ride in the FRONT SEAT with Papaw around the farm land.

Another picture of Kole throughly enjoying himself in the truck. Papaw and Kole were buddies.

Trying to get a better look at the cows.


Mamaw helping Kole over the stile (is that how you spell it??)

He was really having fun even though his face looks terrible in this photo!

I think Papaw enjoyed sharing the time with Kole man.

They match! How stinkin' cute is that.

Papaw had to fix Kole's strap=)

Kole really wanted me to take a picture of the cows butt behind him so I kinda camoflauged it with Kole in the front. Look closely, and you will see the nasty cow butt he was so excited about!

Mamaw had just explained to Kole that No, those weren't four "pee-pee's" but a cows teet that calfs drink milk out of. So funny!

I think Mamaw was explaining something to Kole here and he had finally figured it out.

Tara and Kole just chillin' out after an awesome lunch cooked to perfection by Mamaw herself. It really was so so so delicious.

Like I said, the "other" reason we were in AR was not so fun, but our time spent with beloved family was so priceless and I was thankful for it. I have the most wonderful, selfless, spiritual grandparents in the world.


cassandra and zachary said...

Oh hooray! You're blogging. What a funny duck that kiddo is. I bet Mamaw and Papaw really enjoyed having you guys around. I'm a little jealous of the farm time. Hope to see you soon.

elizabeth said...

Amen, girl! They are amazing and we are blessed! So glad you had a great time at the farm. Kole is so cute. I'd sure love to see him. And you, of course! :)

Tiffany Rose said...

Hey when was I going to find out you were blogging? I had to go through Elizabeth's blog to find out! :) Time for an update... I LOVE that you are blogging now... and yes, Papaw and Mamaw are the best! We're so blessed to have such a great family.

Zachary Brown said...

I'm glad, and I think it's awesome that you and Kole got to spend some time with your Mamaw and Papaw. That being said, that was about the longest week of my life!

Rachel said...

It was so good to visit with you! I wish the week had been better, but I hope we added a little bit of happiness for you. :) Good luck with student teaching!

Hannah Elise said...

yay for blogging!!! i love the pictures! so cutee! i miss youu!! keep us updated on the wedding stuff! love youu!

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