Monday, June 2, 2008

An update

We have successfully completed one of the summers to do items. This past weekend was the dave concert. It was definately interesting to say the least. Here are some pictures of the crazy hippies that I call friends.

The tailgating, BBQ fun.

My sweet fiance sucked it up and had an alright time=).

SO it was a fun and interesting concert. In other news, Tiff got me this lily of the valley plant for my birthday from proflowers. It was delivered to my door, where upon opening I realized I actually had to grow them! Now, everyone knows I love plants, but I do have a black thumb. I just can not keep them alive. I was a little afraid that this birthday gift was not going to blossom. But, low and behold, they grew so fast! Here is a picture from a week ago. I am so proud of them=). They have actualy continued to bloom and look even better currently.

We also had a great memorial day weekend at the lake house. Here are a few pictures as proof.

I hae mixed feelings about this photo. Its cutesy and artsy with the large drift wood in the back. But we all look stumpy and fat! We are a pretty short lil' fam. Except for Kole. He will be towering over both zach and I before to long!

Kole is posing in front of one of the water falls at the Swallow Falls State Park. This hike was super fun!

Kole was brave and sat on a rock in the "river" by himself!

So its a small update but an update none the less. Back to cleaning and organizing. Arg.


Aunt Donna said...

Cute pictures! Yes, you are going to be a very adorable family! Love you and looking forward to seeing you in October, if not before.

Tiffany Rose said...

i'm glad the lily of the valley grew! You did a great job! :)

Mom said...

Nice pictures! I hadn't seen any of them. I thought the Swallow Falls was Black Water Falls. I've never seen this view before. The flowers are beautiful! Good job.

cassandra and zachary said...

We miss you guys...:(

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