Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Fair and a New Friend.....

So here it is, folks! The offical pictures of the Mannington Fair in all its glory. Enjoy! We certainly did!

This child had no fear! He made friends on every ride he was on.

This is the most awesome picture, simply because this is what we did that night at the fair (watch Kole), and because of Dad's expression!!!

Kole waas obviously excited.....the entire night.

This ride scared me. Kole kept ducking down to where I couldn't see him over the edge. Not good !

SO fun, and he made another friend...!

The alligator roller coaster. Hands up and screamin' like a girl the whole way!

This was so funny to watch.

Any ride that goes up in the air with my child is terrifying to me!

Look at that sky!

This was actually the first ride of the night. He was so pumped!

Here are a few pictures of another friend. We often go as a family on walks on the rail trail. There is often pretty flowers and good scenery that we enjoy. On our last walk, Kole and I collected some queen anne's lace and some green wheat looking plant. We put them in my mason jar flower vase and they have been very pretty for a while now on my kitchen table. As I was sitting at the table the other night, I saw something unusual on one of the flowers. Here it is:

He must have been very small when we picked the flowers and grew on my kitchen table! On claser inspection, I noticed that a few of the queen annes lace looked as though they had thier head eaten off. Haha. This is how he grew so big!!! By eating my flowers!!!!

I promptly took the whole vase outside, where this little guy, along with the flowers, now live on the patio table.

I took so many photo's of him because he really is a good lookin' caterpillar!
Thats all for now.


Aunt Becky said...

Oh - the Mannington Fair!! Nothing quite like it - thanks for posting the pictures. Looks like Kole had a great time, and everyone else had a great time watching him. I miss you all so much.

Aunt Donna said...

Great memories of the Mannington fair. Thanks for the walk down memory lane! Love that caterpillar too, but I do think he likes his outside house much better. :)

Kristi Petrak said...

Yea! Glad y'all had fun. Love you!

Mom said...

The caterpiller is so cool! What a great classroom visual. Has he turned into a butterfly yet? Great pictures. The fair was fun. You can tell we enjoyed Kole.

Rachel said...

Kole looks like he had a blast! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree; that is a handsome caterpillar. I also appreciate anyone who sees beauty in ALL of nature.

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