Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Family Bird House

I am stressed. There are many things going on in our family's life and I am just a little overwhelmed by it all.

What do you do when you are stressed? What I wanted to do was pull the drapes closed, turn off the lights, curl into a tiny ball, and never leave the house again. But this is not what we did. Instead, we decorated a bird house.

This was really fun and lifted my mood. It was just what I needed to forget about the grown up, stressful, life changing events of recent and live in the moment. I was able to enjoy my family, have fun, and be creative. This was just what I needed.

Here are some pictures of our awesome bird house. Those birds are super lucky to have such a talented family living near by=)

The house was premade but in thr rough. Just needed some lovin' to fancy it up! As you can see, it is a gas station for birds.

Even excavators need gas......

Rust-eze, will get your bumper/beak sparkling!

Even spidey stops by the bird pumps.

Kole was so proud of himself. He did most of the painting. Zach and I just helped a little!

I am so thankful for moments like these, where we really can enjoy each other as a family.


Mom said...

What a wonderful birdhouse and a wonderful family. You are so blessed and so loved! You have quite a sweet little Kole-man and a sweet big Zach-man too! I love you all!

Zachary said...

We love you guys so much and wish such great things for you all. You've got our numbers if you want to call and vent or whatever. P.S. If I were a bird I would say screw the south, I'm heading to the Browns for the rest of my life.

Zachary said...

P.P.S. Go to our blog and click on our friend Brad's page and listen/watch the second Bon Iver video. Its totally better than bad, its good.

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