Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall @ Brown Acre

Hello all!! Keeping with my usual blogging abilities, I purposefully skipped two months to keep you on your toes and checking back frequently=). Right. I will never be one of those bloggers who updates regularly, has a fan base, and gets money from advertisers in the side bars.
But thats not really the point for me.
So to those of you who occasionally continue to check my blog, here is whats been happening!

I started a craft group on FB that will meet once a month at my house to craft something together!! How fun!!!! I can't wait for our first meeting. I made the wreath below as practice, so I could be more of a helper when everyone is here.

Simple and rustic, just how I like it! Kole and I gathered sticks of roughly the same diameter, cut them to size, and glued them to a cardboard ring I had previously covered in twine. Easy Peasy!

 Football was a HUGE part of our lives from Aug-Oct. Here is one of the last games. Kole got a trophy that he was super pumped about. This night, they had a "bomb" fire (koles words) and a DJ. Pizza and Drinks. And crazy football boys ages 5-10 running around=).
Kole was a blocker. I think it is called a guard? Yes, beside the center. He LOVED football.
Can't wait to play tackle next year.

Pushing the other guys on the line. Why this is fun for boys, I may never know. But as a momma, I was the one with the t-shirt that said Koles Mom. I even tried to make a giant foam finger. I was so proud of him for doing his best! It was a blast to watch.
Hopefully this video works. They are playing after the game=)
Nana and Grandaddy!

 I have been working on a sewing unit at school with my students. I wrote 2 grants at the end of the school year last year and I actually got them both!!! I bought 20 sewing machines and a TON of fabric. My students made a pillow project for themselves first. Now we are finishing up the community service projects. Each class chose a community organization that gives back to the community in some special way. We then called them and asked what they could use that we could make and donate. I have one class making rag quilts and pillows for the childrens hospital wing. Another is making PJ pants for a homeless shelter. And another class is making aprons and potholders for the Soup Opera, which feeds people for free daily.
It has been VERY stressful/overwhelming to get it all organized and to kept the students on task, but it is already rewarding in so many ways. The next step is to get the newspaper/station in there to take some pictures and write a story on what the kids are doing. Then we will have guest speakers from each of the organizations come in a give a presentation before we present them with the items the kiddos made.


Anakin Skywalker and his grandfather.

 Realistic light saber. Grandmomi looks frightened!!

How cool does it look without the flash!?!

Love trick or treating in Mannington on Meadow Ave! Kole says he gets WAY more candy there.

Our little Family=)

The loot.

Any almond joys in there???

Its raining candy!!!!!

And this is how the rest of the evening went=). Sick on candy. All three of us!

Oh yea! Our pumpkins!!! I, of course, did something girly. The fleur de lis. Kole wanted scary, so lips and fangs it was. And Zach couldn't decide, so we chose goofy mustache and sunglasses man for him=). Fitting right!?

I have 2 craft shows in the near future that are consuming my free time getting ready for. I will try and post some pictures of them so you all can see what craftiness I have been up to!

Well, hopefully I'll get another post in before christmas!


Aunt Donna said...

Yup! I'm one of those that checks every couple of days to see if you've written anything new! :) When you do update, you do it with flair! Thanks for all the news and the pictures of what you have been doing. I love your idea of the crafting group, and that wreath-thingy is so cute! You are quite the crafty girl. Love keeping up with what all you are doing.

Anonymous said...

Ditto Donna! I always look, and rejoice when I find one!

Elizabeth said...

So fun! Love the pictures, Megan! And, you are an amazing teacher. I love that you had your students choose a community organization to serve!! That is fabulous and will make such an impact on them!

So glad you guys are doing well. Kole is getting so big.

Kristi Petrak said...

I love your pictures!! I'm so glad the grant went through with your class--it is so hard to squeeze money out of people even for good causes!! You must have done really well with that :) I also love the football shots! Can't wait to see you today! :)

Aunt Becky said...

I'm with Aunt Donna - I'm one that keeps checking. I love being able to keep up with my family this way :) What a super idea about the community service ideas with your classes. I remember you talking about those when we were there in August. What great organizations and projects the kids chose! You are one of the "special" teachers that goes above and beyond and inspires their students. "I'm so proud of you, Megan - you're all grown up!!!" Love you!!

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