Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Random Photo Update

Hello All! Here is a "snapshot" of what has been going on at Brown Acre!!

New woodstove!
We finally got the new stove installed! After a couple leaks and revisits from the contractor, it is working so wonderful!! We have really enjoyed sitting in front of the fire in the evenings....so relaxing.

 I hatched some chicks!!! 
These are two silkies that made it through the hatch. One other hatched, a black copper maran, but she died due to a weird leg ailment (not splayed leg, more like walking on her knees and scooting on her belly). It was very sad that she died, but I figured it was survival of the fittest. Still, not a fun moment. 
The two silkies are thriving! They are already so big! 2 weeks old and getting to that weird adolescent stage with funky half feathers and down. 

 Here is a quilt project that I was working on. A friend requested a baby quilt with her son's name embroidered on it. Sorry about the bad lighting! 

Here is 27 weeks! I am currently 28 weeks along, but I wanted to share this picture anyways. I swear, if my butt or thighs get any bigger, I might lose my mind. Seriously. 

 Big Girls! Just wanted to show off the girls since I haven't posted a picture of them in a while. 

 Tulips are coming up!! How exciting!!! I'm ready for spring.

I actually worked in the garden for several hours the other day because it was so beautiful outside. 

I fixed a raised bed that was falling apart (yes, i used a shovel, rake, and hammer thingy all while being hugely gigantic.)

Check out the birdhouse gourd that climb my pear tree and I left to dry! Looks kinda funny.

Planting okra this year!! 

Garlic is coming up! 

Here is the raised bed that I fixed. I was super proud of myself for being so physical with my SPD ailment=). 

KMan with the chicks.

If we get a snow day tomorrow....I'm posting again!! I have a ton more photos to share.....and just as a sneak peak, there is a lot more cheeping going on downstairs right now!! 

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Lynn said...

My family favorite is okra!!! Really...we fight over it.one hint...soak seeds in a bowl of water the night before you plant! One more never let the pods get to big they get woody really quick... You want to savor every piece and enjoy every bite!!! If you decide you don't like it just call me!!! Lol

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