Friday, May 22, 2009

graduation, slip and slide, and other stuff.

Yea, Yea it has been a while.


I keep thinking, today I WILL post something, but there is too much to do and I just haven't gotten to it until now.

So, Kole graduated from Kids R Special last night! He did such a wonderful job singing his songs and "standing like a statue" as he would say! The program was so nice. They had a slideshow of pictures, 4 songs the children sang, words from the teachers, awarded diplomas, and then announced what each kid wanted to be when they grew up! It was too cute!

I have been a little under the weather the past few days. I took a day and a half off of work to recoop. I have a bad ear infection and am on steriods, antibiotics, ear drops, and a few pain meds. I was in so much pain yesterday afternoon, I was crying! I now know what it was like for Kole before the tubes went in.

School is almost over!!!! Just a few weeks left and then summer is on. Still have to get some things planted in the garden and the plan was to do that this week. Hopefully I am feeling well enough tomorrow to do it. When everything gets in, I will post some pictures.

Here are a few picture from recent that I thought you all would like.

Kole made some awesome cookies out of cake mix! They were soooo good! Kole has been into cooking and says he wants to be a chef. He did most everything for these cookies except for dealing with the hot oven. Thats a mommy job.

It is hard to see in this picture but Kole is the third from the left. They were singing one of the songs. They sang Country Roads and it was so sweet. In onf of the songs, the verse was "I'll be friends with you" and Kole pointed right to his Dandaddy! It was so cute and touching, both mom and I cried!

Kole is hugging the director of Kids R Special and receiving his diploma

Here we are after to ceremony. He was so excited! Nana got him a money tree and kole couldn't wait for more money to start growing!!! Haha

This was Kole's graduation present from us. I just took these this morning. He had such a good time on his sponge bob slip and slide!

Water pools at the bottom. I hope he wasn't peeing here.......

So thats all folks. I am gong to rest up today and try to get to feeling better! Mr. John's (Zach's Dad) Bday party tonight, saturday a possible bachette party (if I am up to it) and then a few days at the lake house. Can't wait.
P.S. Please keep Zach's dad in your prayers over the next few days. He had a brain scan this morning because there was something abnormal going on. We will know more in a few days so I will try to keep ya'll updated.


Aunt Donna said...

Yeay for updates!!! But I am so sorry you are feeling so sick! With all your medicines, I hope you are quickly on the mend.
Cute pictures of Kole! It's hard to believe he is starting kindergarten in the fall. Whew!!

elizabeth said...

Cole is so cute! I'm sorry you have been's never good when the Mommy is sick. Hope you feel better soon.

Deborah said...

Every time I see new pictures of Kole I think,"I wish he and Caleb knew each other!"

Hope you feel better really soon.

p.s. So I guess there's no doubt the Root family reads your blog!!!

Kim Hodges said...

Sweet pics of Kole. Like Deborah, I wish Johnathan could play with both Kole and Caleb more often! They would have a blast together!

Hope those meds kick in and you can get out in your garden today. Looking forward to pictures!

Mom said...

It was a great graduation! Hope you are beginning to feel better so you can get on over here to the lake. We will keep John in our prayers. Didn't know he was facing this.

Kristi Petrak said...

What great pictures! Hope you are feeling better. must be hard to be sick when you're taking care of such an active little kid!! ^_^

Lynn said...

How cuute he is, he really looks like he is having fun, that will be great for this summer...

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