Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summa time....and the livin' is easy.......

It has been a while. Sorry.

We just got back from Lost River! It was so nice to just chill in the woods, have a fire everynight (sometimes during the day too!), and hike some trails. We rented a little cabin for 3 nights during the 4th weekend. We played I only got 2 pictures of the whole time! It was alot of fun. Kole really enjoyed softball, misty valley (ice cream every night), loblolly trail, and the fire works.
I really missed that place!

This is what most mornings, evenings, and rainy afternoons looked like!
Kole was yelling "I always have to swim alone!" in a sing songy way over and over again when i took this picture. He needs a sibling.

So before lost river, we went to the lake house for the last time=(. It is definately bittersweet for all of us. We have made good memories there.

Kole is becoming an expert boat driver.
We went to swallow falls on this trip as well. Here are a few shots from that.

He was trying to catch the run off from the cliff behind him!

Summer so far has been awesome. I think we might do another vacation, but a week long this time. Just not sure when or where yet. All else is good with our little family. We are definately blessed!


Aunt Donna said...

Love the blog update, Megan. Great pictures! Uncle Mike and I were just saying the other day that "one of these days we're going back and stay at Lost River." Lots of good memories for us there!

Oh, and are you making any announcements about a "sibling for Kole"? :)

Megan said...

No announcement yet.....maybe sometime next year......=)

Megan said...

oh and if elizabeth or deborah happens to read this....I keep getting denied to visit your blogs! Please grant me permission so that I can be update with your lives!

Deborah said...

Megan, I'm happy to add you to my list. I need your current e-mail address, though.

Loved the Lost River pictures. Talk about a flashback to great times!

elizabeth said...

Love the pictures, Megan. Kole looks like a ball of fun! My memories of Lost River are fading since it has been so very long when we went there last, but I totally remember Misty Valley and Loblolly Trail! Thanks for jogging my memories.

Do you still have the same pickle email address? I'll happily add you to my blog list, just let me know if your email has changed.

Lynn said...

Sure looks like you are having a wonderful time. Have a great summer...

Kristi Petrak said...

What a blast! Glad y'all are having fun! ^_^

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