Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall in "my home among the hills"

Well Folks, We are still here!
Just wanted to update everyone on recent happenings, and as always, share some pictures of fun things going on.
Earlier this month (Oct. 4th to be exact), Zach and I celebrated our one year anniversary. It has gone by so fast! We had a weekend getaway (thanks for sitting mom and dad!) to Brazenhead Inn in Mingo, WV. Here is a picture of the inn.

It was such a neat place. It is an irish inspired inn, with really neat and musically gifted owners, Will and Jill Fanning. They made us feel so at home. We will definately go back again. Here we are after a rousing game of scrabble=). Zach won.

I took this picture because Will's work was so cool. He carved bears out of huge tree stumps, with a chain saw!!!! Zach thinks he should try this.........I'm not so sure.......

Switching gears: Koley is doing pretty good this week at school. We have our good days and our bad days, but we are trying really hard to make them all GREAT days as kole would say. When he has a great day, he gets to play with his friend JT after school either at our house or his (he lived three houses down). Here is a picture of a great day afternoon!

We have also been carving pumpkins! I, of course, made roasted pumpkin seeds....yum.

We love the guts!!!

Kole got the camera for a while.

He actually pulled some guts out!!! I was impressed with my texture phobic little man!

Giving proper instruction on how to clean out a

Ghostly faces by the lighted pumpkins.....Koles was a spider.
Both of the pumpkins.
Mine pumpkin was super ambitious, but I did it! I even used a drill bit for pretty holes on the sides.
I just took this unfinished, because who knows when Zach will get to it=). Its Yoda.

Time to put up the hammock! Fall is my favorite time. I love the colors, the smells, the cooler air........

Do you see my little friend in this picture?
Look closer in this the middle.
Yes, Deer. We have lots of them. There is a little family that is always puttering around.

Recently, Kole decided that he wanted to be a super hero. We had this kit and it came with all the things needed and complete instructions for being a super hero. He decided his name was "The flying grant writer"!!!

He was even able to control the power of flight!

the kit came complete with a business card....

And enabled him to be a super stealth.

So there you go. After all that, I need a break=)!


Zachary said...

Thank you so much for posting the West Virginia fall leaves for Cassandra and I. We miss them so much. We were able to get a glimps of them last year during your wedding but we needed our fix this year. If you are ever bored and want to post more WV fall pics we would love it!

Aunt Donna said...

Beautiful fall foliage! And is that a deer between those two trees that I see??? Pretty cool!

Deborah said...

Those pumpkins are awesome! That Kole is a cutie.

Mom said...

Kole is going to love these pictures when he becomes a teenager! I'd say this qualifies as blackmail material. Super grant writer huh? That wouldn't have been influenced by Zach would it? Your pumpkins are amazing. I want to try my hand at it this week.

Mom said...

Yo-da, Yo-da, Yo-da...!

Tiffany said...

umm, the flying picture of Kole is great! You need to frame that one! ha ha ;)

Rachel said...

LOL, yeah Kole is going to LOVE you for posting those pictures. :) I love his super hero name--wherever did he think of that?? ;)

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