Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kole's Birthday

Today, Kole is six. Can you believe it? I certainly can not.
We had a big bash tonight, with lots of fun, presents, and friends (and just a little crying=)
I know that even if I am falling asleep right now, I have to post these pictures otherwise it will get put on the back burner.
These are totally out of order so bare with me
Kole and a few friends, getting ready to eat some cake!
The table and decor, before party.

Koley taking a big bite of cake! He had such a blast.
A close up of the tablescape, as Joel called it. Now all I needed was a cocktail and I would be Sandra Lee....haha.

Our fun ocean cookies. Have a mentioned yet that the theme was ocean. In November. But thats what kole wanted=)
Blue Jello Ocean with Sharks
Octo-weenies. Everyone loved this idea. Thanks tiff!

My Happy birthday boy
Presents time!
He loves the human body......I am banking on him being a doctor.
Sweet K-belle. She is such a joy. Kole has been asking for a snuggie for months. "Ms. Linda" (Zach's mom) got him a kids snuggie for his birthday. He is posing here with it. And no, he isn't really reading 1776, although that would be pretty cool!
Zach and Cass made it for the party!! We were so excited about that!
And thats all she wrote (for tonight) folks. Time to veg on the couch!


Tiffany said...

thanks for posting the pictures! Looks like a great party, meg! :) wish I could've been there. Love you and miss you all!!!

Kim Hodges said...

Aw, you did so great! Happy birthday, Kole!

Deborah said...

You did a great job! I love the octopus hot dogs and jello ocean.

I announced to the group (my mom, dad, Elizabeth, and Pat) that Kole got a Snuggie for his birthday, and Pat said, "I'm just surprised it's not camo!"

Mom said...

Love the picture post. It was a fun and loud evening. :)

Rachel said...

Looks like a fun party--great job! The octoweenies look cute and kinda disgusting all at the same time. Amazing. :) Are you sure he is six years old?? Crazy...

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