Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Holy Moly

I haven't posted since FEBRUARY!!!!! What?!?! SO sorry to those of you who faithfully check my blog (there probably are not many left). I am going to try and do better.

Its been a great summer! Busy and fun. Maybe that was why I didn't post.=)

Its already back to school here in Marion County. Noooooooo!

I am actually at lunch right now, so this is totally acceptable to be writing during the day (right?) but it is almost over. And my afternoons show no mercy. So I will leave you with a promise.

I will do a large update on all things that have passed in the months I have ignored this blog. Pinkie Swear it.


Kim Hodges said...

"things that have passed" :) Bless your heart!

Lynn said...

So glad to see you back!!! I guess we made it through the first week of school. I miss you next door, but I am glad you still have a job that you love and do great at!!! Have a Great Year!! (or not the choice is yours) LOL (just had to say it!!!)

Deborah said...

YEA!! I love it when you blog! Looking foward to hearing about your summer.

Aunt Donna said...

Yeay for updates!!!

Glenave Curtis said...

I am so glad!! Yes, I have checked it often.

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