Friday, September 10, 2010

I've done it again....

Yes, I have backed myself into a corner by not posting a single thing for SEVERAL months. Please forgive me. I will update as well as I can, but there will be events forgotten and I can only ask for your forgiveness=).
This summer was fantastic! Lots of relaxing, working in the garden, picking up new hobbies, hanging out with friends, reading great books, mini vacations, spending time with Kole, swimming in various locations, cleaning the house (ok not so fun but I do feel good when its done), crafting, sewing, etsy making........ The list could go on.
Overall great summer. There were times when I was a to say. But now that school is back into full swing I am longing for a purposeless day=)

A few new hobbies that I have picked up: Playing the lap or mountian dulcimer and basket making (I've got to get the reeds to really start this though=). Oldtimey fun stuff.

I'm not awesome yet, but I plan to be=). I am teaching myself how to play and have started with some chording. I just LOVE the way it sounds. The drone reminds me of a bagpipe.

The garden has done well this year. We did all raised beds, and it was ALOT of work to put together, but in following years we will only have to add a little dirt and be done.

All of the raised bed sides were made from fallen trees from our back lot. We cut them to size and pegged them into place. Then filled with dirt, compost, and fertilizer. And voila, the plants did grow. We had some kind of blight with all viney stuff this year, the deer somehow got in even with the fence on, and the mexican bean beetles LOVED my green beans, but the raised beds are the way to go. Even after all that, I got tons of produce and have put up many cans of tomatoes, salsa, chili base, beans, and peppers.

We most recently got back from our labor day trip to Colonial Williamsburg. We went with my inlaws, John and Linda. It was such a treat to get to spend that time with them in a place they just can't get enough of! We all really enjoyed the rich history (expect for kole sometimes, he just wanted to swim in the hotel pool=).

John and Linda on the bus. One of Kole's favorite parts of the trip=)

This may be the only picture of the two of us. We are also on the bus. The bus takes you from one end to the other, or back to your car at the visitors center, etc. There still is alot of walking involved. Very Primal.

Kole made a friend and they played chess for atleast an hour, may more. These two were crackin' me up.
Arg! Kole the pirate strikes again!

There was a fife and drums parade. Kole wanted to follow them around town. So we did, because it was too funny watching him walk/dance around williamsburg.

There was an amazing maze in the palace court yards. Can you find Kole in the picture above? How about below?

There was a really cool canopy of trees in the palace garden as well. This is Linda checking it out.

Finally, Here is our navigator. He had a kids atlas on his lap, a pirate hat on his head, a gun (fake of course) and a pen in his hands, and a crazy look in the eyes. He needed a nap!

So Williamsburg was lots of fun. I am going to post more pictures on Facebook as soon as I can get the time.

Lets see, what else.......Oh I had a kidney stone this summer! It was AWFUL! But it came out and I have cut back on DDP so I'm praying it will never happen again!

We got to spend some time with Kbelle a few weeks ago. She is so stinkin' great. I just love her.

Here they are at the pond.

A few seconds after this picture, the net was at the bottom of the pond.

Dad loves taking his grandkids fishing and outside.

Kole decided he should give Keirrabelle some sound advice.


Oh yea, Lets not forget about Tiff's wedding and our adventure to COS!! This was such a fun trip! I just wish my boys could've gone. But I did have a really amazing time with my family and siblings.

Tiff looked AMAZING!!

Grandmomi and I got stuck in Dallas for the night on the way home. Stupid airports. She just wanted to sleep in the airport, she said. I said, You're crazy!

I developed laser vison in COS. Go figure.
Ok, well thank goodness for pictures because I would forget everything if it wasn't for them!

I started a new teaching job this year at a different school. I definately miss my old schools. I made good friendships and relationships at each of my previous 4 schools of the past 2 years. But, the program was cut and I had to work.

I am liking my current situation a little more now. It has just taken some time to get used to things at a new school. I haven't really been able to develop any friendships here (because I am in a seperate building, alone!) but maybe that will come later on.

The sad news is I may not have a job next year teaching FACS. The county we live in has cut the program down so much and it really looks like they are doing away with it all together by next year. I will have to work in a different county, hope to get a high school position, substitute, or get out of teaching. I haven't decided what the best plan of action is yet.

I have missed so many things with this blog, but it is time to wrap it up. I'm actually typing this part (the rest was ready) during my planning=).

I'm going to do better about updating. I think. Atleast i'm really gonna try!


Aunt Donna said...

Oh, wow! What a newsy update! Loved reading all about your summer. Your garden sounded amazing. So glad you were able can some things. Sorry your job looks to be in jeopardy for next year. I'm sure you will do well at whatever lands in your lap next year, though. Thanks for keeping all us "blog-stalkers" up to date! :)

Aunt Donna said...

Oh, and I can't wait to hear a trio of your Dad and Uncle Brian on the guitars with you on the mountain dulcimer. Oh, and of course, your beautiful Mom singing with you all! That would be gorgeous!!

Glenave Curtis said...

Oh, how I loved reading your blog; keep 'em coming. I imagine your gardening expertise will continue to "grow" and you will learn how to zap those bugs and blight. Now, I don't know how to take care of those deer unless you put them in your freezer! Love you and yours!

Elizabeth said...

Loved reading about your summer!! I'm so amazed at your gardening and canning. I managed to kill my only tomato plant. Guess I have a little learning to do. :)

Love the pictures of Kole. He is such a character. I'd love to spend a little time with him. I have a feeling he would keep me laughing.

Tiffany Rose said...

What a great update! :)

And what 6yr old plays chess for an HOUR?!

Aunt Becky said...

Great update and pictures, Meg. And I'm with Tiff - I love the picture of him playing chess. And the one of him giving advice to KB is priceless :) You guys look so happy - and I absolutely love the new hobbies! I used to make baskets. I stopped because I had trouble getting the reeds and it turned out to be more of a hassle. But I sure enjoyed it while I did it. Looking forward to hearing some dulcimer playing sometime. Now that's what I call a "Mountain Momma"!!

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