Saturday, April 16, 2011

Craft Show and Concert

Time for an update! We have been SUPER busy here at Brown Acre lately. It is a rainy day and I have tons to do, so I figured why not procrastinate and blog a little....=)

The past two weekends have been a blur of activity. I had my first craft show!! It went so well, and now I can't stop thinking about when I can do another. People really responded to my things!! I was super nervous beforehand, but once I got there, got set up, and started visiting and meeting people, my nerves calmed down and I had such a good time.
I guess the reason I was nervous was because I put so much thought, time, and energy into coming up with cool ideas, picking out awesomely beautiful fabrics, and shutting myself in the basement letting the creative juices flow. I didn't know if anyone else would like anything I had. I knew I loved every piece, but who knows what the world would think (or Fairmont atleast=).
I got such great responses from people that I was simply blown away. People said I had an "eye" for color, targeted my market, and had well made, trendy things. WOW!!! Like I said, I had no idea it would go so well, but I am glad it did. What a good feeling to know that what you love, others love as well. What you spend hours on, people want to buy. I felt validated. I felt engergized. I felt more creativity wanting to seep out. LOVED IT!!!!
Sorry, this sounds a little like bragging, and I really am not trying to be "that" person. It was a good weekend, so I want to share it!! Here are some pictures.......

Aprons! My own reversible pattern. I combine complimentary fabrics for a fantastic fashion statement while stirring a pot of butter beans.

Shot of the table. I made some totes as a "filler" item. People liked them though because they were also reversible and eco-friendly shopping bags=)

Long shot of the tables I had. Owls, hairflair, totes, aprons, earrings.

Button Earrrings! These were a hit. I need a better way to display them though. I think next time I will elevate them on some kind of diaply piece.

Hair Flair. This was also a big seller. The craft show was in one of my junior high schools where I teach, so lots of the young girls were into these funky statement pieces.

Angled shot of hair flair.

 Owls!!! People loved these as well. I made one for KB a couple years ago for christmas, and decided to make a bunch for the youngsters at the craft show. The next day, Mom found a picture in a pottery barn (I think) catalog with very similar ones!! They stole my idea!! LOL
Then there was Kole. He was so good. He and Zach came half way through the show and helped out. The iPhone is Kole's go to for boredom. He ended up going home with GDaddy to play. They had a good time splashing in the creek=).

The following weekend I sang for a tsunami relief concert at the Fairmont Baptist Temple with some very talented bluegrass musicians. Our band name that we all decided on was Common Ground (since it is so overused, and kinda But when we got up to sing, our friend Joe (banjo player and best man at our wedding) announced we changed our name to "Megan Brown and the Dial Tones" (one of the guitarist's last name was Dial). So silly.
Here are a few shots from that. I have video, but I can't bring myself to post it here. The quality is grainy, you can't here the musicians well, and I cring at hearing myself sing. Anyone else do that? I notice every little mistake or weirdness in my own voice. I also hate hearing myself on the answering machine. But thats another story......

We have begun spring planting! Onions, garlic, lettuce, spinach, and carrots are in the garden. Potatoes will be next. I have four flats of tomato plants under the grow light in the basement (looks like I'm growing something else, if you know what I mean.....). We have had some REALLY beautiful days here in WV. I am so thankful for sunshine and warm weather. My mood instantly improves when I can get outside and get dirty=).
My tulips are blooming like crazy, the tree in the front yard has pink will probably bust out this week. The birds are chirping. The breeze is warm. Hello Spring. I have missed you!

Spring Break has officially started!! I have plans of spring cleaning, sewing, playing with Kole, reading, sleeping in, shopping, valley worlds of fun, and possibly a movie afternoon.
I sooooo needed this break.

Hopefully, I will post again soon. Back to the basement for some sewing/crafting=).


Linda Kaczmarczyk said...

Maybe a positive comment from me doesn't "count" since we're related, but I did enjoy reading this! And I would love to see your creations. Next time you take part in a craft show, be sure to announce the time and place.

Glenave Curtis said...

Oh, how I enjoyed reading about all that you are doing. I am proud of you to be trying new things and succeeding. I SO enjoy my apron from Christmas '10, and the gourd birdnest and placque both hanging in my kitchen from Christmas '11. I have so many beautiful birds coming to the feeders; and would LOVE to have one of them build her nest in the gourd; but I fear it is too delicate to hang outside.

Kristi Petrak said...

How wonderful that your show went so well!! That's also great about you entertaining!! :) I loved reading your story :)

Aunt Becky said...

Wow - I'm so proud of're all grown up!! :) So glad the craft show was a success! I love the totes! I may have to look at one of those. Enjoy your break!

Aunt Donna said...

Yeay for a blogpost update! I love keeping up with what you are doing, and you definitely have been busy! Love the info re: the craft show and not a bit surprised that people loved your things. And I would LOVE to see/hear the video of; you singing. The still pictures I had to look at twice. I know you said it was you, but that could totally be your Mom a few years ago!!! You look so much like her! Always beautiful and alw;ays talented in so many ways. Thanks for letting us know what you are doing. I check your blog pretty much every day!

Mom said...

Great blog post. I had heard it all already, but it was neat to read it again and "reflect" on your success. Glad you are having fun crafting, homemaking, gardening, and singing. This was me a few years ago. Have fun!

Deborah said...

I was going to say the same thing my mom did about you looking like your mom when you were singing! I bet you sounded incredible!

I, too, loved seeing all your craft items and I'm not ONE BIT surprised it sold so well! I would have totally snatched up one of those totes for myself and one of those cuter-than-ever headbands for my little missy, Ashlyn.

I love it when you update--you are such a good writer!

Anonymous said...

I love the OWLS! They could totally be used for bow display (hint hint) Mamas who have Little girls that wear alot of bows, don't like for them to be crushed in a drawer somewhere...they are hard to see and they get smashed. the Owl can sit on a shelf and its "legs"? I guess they are..can hang down and hold the bows! I do some picture frames with names etc and ribbon for that purpose but I love the owls!

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