Sunday, July 3, 2011

Howdy Ho!!!


                                I have been bad to my blog again. It's a wonder you people still check=).
I really thouht that I would blog all summer long about everything that we were doing. But this has not happened. I could make excuses all day long, but the truth is: It's summer. I sleep in. I have no schedule. And I am lazy.

Ok, so maybe I'm not THAT lazy. I do keep up with the garden, chickens, child, house, meals, activities, etc. But I have made the choice on several occasions to sit on the porch with one of my favorite magazines instead of sitting in front of my computer updating my blog.

I am truely sorry! Most of you keep up with us on Facebook, but I know that it is nice to read a more insightful entry in a blog than puruse someone's photo albums on the facey space.

To make up for my bad behavior, I will post a series of summer photos with descriptions about what was going on. WAY different from what I normally do.......right? =)

And we begin in no particular order............

We were all sitting around the dinner table after gorging ourselves on mommas delicious marinated chicken and venison. I believe Zach H. was the first to take the bandana napkins momma uses with this table cloth and put it to its actual and practical use. On his head.
So we decided to make a game out of it. I was cowgirl Brown and my hubby was a hobo (he first was a bandit, but then changed his mind). Which is hilarious because he works for a non-profit organization that helps homeless people and HATES the word hobo, or anything that romanticizes the fact that people live in terrible places (like a cave for instance) and often go hungry. Grandmomi often says they LIKE to "ride the rails". Needless to say, Z and G$ are usually debating something or another long after the rest of us leave the table.
Speaking of G$ (that is what we call grandmomi, as she is either slipping a twenty in our pockets or telling us to eat something), she decided to be a hippy in this picture.
Momma wore her bandana like a babushka, very sweet and innocent=).
Zach H.'s friend Matt was a middle eastern man......I think?

Ah, Mom and Dad. Goofy kids. I think dad was trying to be Lady GaGa, or Madonna.

Here is Dad and Mom's awesome garden! This was a week and a half ago, so its even bigger now. Dad says its the peat moss he mixed in when he planted. I am definately going to try that next year with our garden!

We got an awesome visit with TT and baby River. I am so in love with this boy. He is a gerber baby!! So cute. And loves to snuggle with his Aunt Meg. I miss him so much!! Mom found a pair of his socks in her car after they left and I'll admit, we sniffed them for a while=).
He is such a pleasant baby. It is so easy to make him smile and giggle.

Kole was all about Baby River. Kole loved to sit beside him on a blanket and try to make him smile and laugh. It was super sweet watching him being protective and interested in his little cousin.

I made dad this apron for father's day! I found Real Tree camo printed fabric and embroidered his intials on the front (thought it is hard to see....come on, its CAMO!!). And yes, he was wearing shorts=).

On a sad note, my favorite kitty of our three has cancer. We have known for a month or so now and it has been a steady decline since. This is Momma. Named this because she was the street cat by Z's old house that kept having litters. Our other two cats are her babies. As I type, Momma is laying in a box by the side door with water and food and a homemade litter box, although she has stopped eating, drinking, and using the litter box as of Friday. Her back legs have basically stopped working, but she is trying her best to follow Z around the house by dragging herself. She is so exhausted after just a few minutes of this that she lays down to rest. I think she knows that he saved her from the streets all those years ago and just wants to be near him as her life slips away. We fortunately know two really great vets, and though it is Sunday, they will be helping us today at 3 to end her pain. I am crying a little bit now. I've never had to make the decision that will end a beloved pets life until now, and let me tell you, its not easy.
She has been such a great cat, never caused ANY grief (unlike our other two), and was always ready to love and be loved on.
She will be greatly missed in our family.

Ok enough of sad stuff. Sniffle.
Here are our "girls".
Still laying like machines! We love the fresh eggs. They are fun to watch!
I really want to get a couple more and will hopefully be doing so before summer is out.
We also want to build a new, bigger coop in our back lot. The ground on this run is just dirt and dust, so they need a little more green to play around in. We will keep this coop as our winter coop as it will be easier to get to in the winter and will keep them warmer.

Plums!! This plum tree has done really well this year. Z is a big fan, and as they rippen, he plucks them off and eats them off the tree=)

You may want to click on this picture to see it's full effect. This day, Kole and I invited his BFF (his words not mine) for a day by the river. Our friends own this little woodsy patch by the river called sandy beach that is beautiful. There is a little stream that runs into the river and when you walk up it for a bit, you come to the train tunnel. The boys had so much fun looking for "treasures" and animals. I was on the look out for snakes.

Tomorrow, we are headed out for a week filled with all things good at Lost River State Park. We got a cabin there this year, and I just can't wait. Icecream following softball each evening, lazy days spent on the cabin porch reading, swimming at the pool, hiking, horse riding, and family time.

Thanks for continuing to read my blog! I'll try to be better. But most likely will not be=)


Aunt Donna said...

Ok, just so you know, I'm one of those who stalk your blog regularly hoping for updates and especially pictures, so you know it's not boring to me!!! Love it!! It's hard being so far away and feeling like Kole will not really know Aunt Donna and Uncle Mike. Anyway, keep blogging and keep adding pictures.

Also, I'm so sorry about your MommaKitty. We've had to ask a vet to help us end the pain of 2 of our cats, and it is sad.

Have a great week at Lost River. When you do the "Lost River wave," think of me! Hated those gnats!! :)

Glenave Curtis said...

I, too, look every day for your blog! When you DO one, you do it up good!! Even though I had seen the pictures before, I still enjoyed seeing them here. Makes me feel closer to you.

Deborah said...

I love it when you post! You are not lazy to be spending some downtime on the porch this summer. Every teacher deserves a little "porch time" in the summer!

I am so sorry about your cat. Made me have a little memory of my Tony--we had to put him to sleep three years ago.

Hope Lost River is as fun and memory-filled as it always was for our family.

Elizabeth said...

I always love your updates, Megan! I love the way you tell fun.

Sorry about your favorite Momma kitty. Hope you are doing better now.

I would love to go to Lost River sometime...those memories are special. Hope it was great!

Aunt Becky said...

I, too, and one of your blog "stalkers"!! Seems there are several of us :) I love your stories and pictures - you are just too cute! Love the description of G$ - "always slipping someone a twenty and telling us to eat something!" So true.

I remember when Dad had to make the decision to put Muffin to sleep - not easy. But better for them.

Sounds like you had fun at LR too - I loved the pictures on facebook.

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