Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jewelry Box Re-fashion

No before and after pics.....sigh.
Just the after. I'm sorry.
But what a beautiful after it is!!

I made this gem for my dear bestie BB Toble's birthday ( Nicknamed sweetly).
It it totally a late gift as her bday was several weeks ago, but this project took forever and with my busy schedule, football, and some sick days in there, I just couldn't get it done!
She started off as an ugly, slightly broken veneered jewelry box in an awful brown stained color.
Hardware was disgustingly brassy.

Anyways, Here she is completed. I am in love.

I used a wallpaper sample and covered the inside lid to add a pop of color when opened.

I painted the exterior with a plum purple (her bedroom has a deep purple accent wall) and spray painted the brassy knobs a grassy green.
I roughed up all edges and sanded down every surface for a more aged look. And to show off the details I did like. 
Of course, I had to fill the box with some bables, now didn't I?!?
Yea, I made all those too.
Love ya, BB! Happy Belated Birthday!

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tiffibug said...

This is so pretty! I'm a little jealous of your craftiness.

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