Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mother Earth News Fair- Seven Springs PA

A couple weekends ago, my hubby and I (along with the inlaws) got to attend the Seven Springs Mother Earth News Fair! I'm so glad that we went and will definately go again next year.

I have tried to post this several times, but the pictures wouldn't load=(. I have no idea why. So, I posted them to my facebook page for all to see. Hopefully you can match up pictures with what I'm taking about here.


We got up early on Friday, sent the child to school (his aunt KK and Nana were caretakers...thanks a bunch!!!) and headed off to PA. Once there, it was clear that the fair had grown and so had the number of folks who were in attendance (according to Mr. John).

We parked and walked down to register and get started. I was SO overwhelmed by the number of vendors and seminar selections! What did I want to see?!? What if I missed something important!?!

We had a very handy guide to help us figure out where to go and when. Even came with a map. Nice.

We started off the day with starbucks. Yum Yum. Everyone was happy.

Then we headed to our first seminars. Z attended something about gardening in the forest, while I attended Incubation 101.

I'm definately hatching some chicks this year. I really learned alot. Plus, they were just so cute!!!!

We then check out a few vendors: SUCH COOL STUFF! Everything here was made just for us, it seemed. I wanted to buy everything! I could have walked around for days and still not have seen everything.

Lunch was next......yummy pork BBQ.

Last on the agenda for Friday, we attended Joel Salatins seminar "Can we REALLY feed the world?"

I love him. He is so imformative and funny. Great speaker. Look for those pics on FB.

The next day, we got up and ready, and headed back to the fair. We were slightly late and so the first seminar we wanted to go to was totally packed. Didn't think we would get seats. But we did. Right up against the stage. We saw Joel Salatin butcher a chicken.
I was sad at first. The chickens flopped and stuff. But once they were dead I was fine.

We then headed to shop around the fair, try some more food, and just take in the craziness that surrounded us.

The last purchase I made was my fav. I got some amazing real maple sugar candies and maple cotton candy. The ride home was so sweet=).

So, Sorry for the lack of pics on here. I really don't know what happened. It still wont let me add them. So you'll have to check me out on facebook to see what I am talking about here.

Now I can blog about something else! And this one is no longer hanging over my head! WootWOoT!!!

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