Monday, September 17, 2012

Garden Tour and Kids Galore

This past weekend was so fun!
We got to play around the house, doing whatever we felt like. My sis and her children came to stay with us and we have so much FUN! I love those girls.
Here's some of what I did: got some deals on outdoor furniture at walmart, hit up some amazing yard sales, worked on cleaning up the garden and behind the house, put together the furniture, finished and sold two end tables, stayed up late, and other fun things.
My husband worked really hard on the new "patio" and fire pit area. We got to use it last night and it is so cool!
We also had a visit from some neighbors and children.
Here is my weekend in pictures!
Sweet children that came to play at our house. The little one on the right was loving on my garden! He was eating things right out of it. It was too cute! I suggested he grab a bag and take wahtever he wanted (so I could wash it first=)

Here we are filling up the baggie. He was excited about breakfast radishes! I love this kid.

While we were playing, Z was hard at work. Starting to take shape!

Here is my sweet sister with her sweet youngest girl. This little one can brighten anyones day with that huge, toothy, dimpled smile.

Oh dog. She thinks trash is delish.

My hottie husband.

Carrying heavy rocks. He is so buff.

Smile honey!
Gigantic birdhouse gourds. I have counted over 30 fully grown ones and there are a ton of little ones I hope make it until the first frost.


We got a new rooster from our friend and neighbor. This guy was the only one of the chicks that survived the summer over in their yard. He refused to keep an animal that wasn't doing anything for him, so he gave "Buddy" to us. The other girls are a little wary....check out Reds face!

Here is the open air coop. We are going to use this until temps drop too low. Then we are putting them in a hoop house...or atleast we hope so! If that doesn't happen, its back to the old coop for the winter.

Here is our new beautiful boy "Buddy". His tail feathers are so cool and long. We have a hen, Francine, who is also a Barred Rock. Maybe we will get some babies this spring?!?

Inside of the coop. The waterers and feeders are hung from bungee cords hooked to the rafters of this shelter.

My garden is slowing down, but the flowers are just awesome!

 My crazy child, my niece, and the neighbor girl playing around in the garden.

Two beautiful girls! I love sharing my garden with young folks (or young at heart!). It is really cool to teach children where food comes from, introduce them to fresh, organic, and different produce (which is really hard to find around here if you don't grow it yourself!), plus teaches them that working outside with your hands to make something grow is super fun and cool.
God's beauty is shown in so many places on our earth, including my garden.

Lima bean seeds! Saving these for next year.

Love the colors

My fall peas are blossoming and climbing up the supports! Crazy thing about peas....I hate them. Or hated. As soon as I tried them out of my garden I was amazed at how delish they are!

Gourds, gourds, and more gourds. These are called snake gourds and were planted in my sons lasagna garden.

Flower bed.

I pulled up some dead/dying tomato plants (we got a late blight) and planted lettuce and carrots in their place. Here they are growing right along!

This picture wouldn't turn for whatever reason, but these are gigantic beans. The plants grew right up a sunflower stalk. Also in K-mans garden.
And after a beautiful being outdoors and having fun.....I come back in to find this......

And my screen is now huge.
Thanks Willie Nelson and Cali.
Finally, we got to enjoy the new patio/firepit area. It was nice to have some downtime with just the three of us last night.

My sweet man stacking some wood.

Here it is from the front....the slats in the actual fire pit are there for asthetics as well as air circulation.

A blurry side view

My view from the new furniture! This was so nice.
 Perfect way to end the day.
Off to mold young minds tomorrow.....
How was your weekend?!?


Aunt Donna said...

Your garden is amazing! I love that you are growing all these vegetables and chickens too!!

tiffibug said...

Your garden is amazing! Mine was a bust this year. Stupid groundhog and deer. My fence was no deterrent.

I so wish we could have chickens, but we live inside city limits and "livestock" is banned. :(

Megan said...

Maybe you can call them pets?

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