Sunday, April 7, 2013


This past weekend we were so fortunate to be able to go on a retreat to seneca rocks! I've been calling this mini vaca our "babymoon". 

It was so relaxing and nice to be able to visit with my Aunt and Uncle who live this close!!

They are such wonderful people that I feel a special bond with for many reasons! 

Aunt Cindy made some A-mazing meals!! She was a rock star in the kitchen. 

Here is the river that runs beside the yard. The sounds of a river are good for the soul. My blood pressure went down several points these couple days=).

Here is a view of the house and the shed/building. I just love the rustic awesomeness and bright blue skys.

UB and AC are way into gardening, just like us! They have some cold frames and are in the process of setting up a hoop house, which is going to be so sweet!! 
I just love this quilt block painting that UB made and put on the building. Totally rad. 

We drove around and took in some sights while there. This is the view of Germany Valley from the overlook. Crazy Beautiful. Photos can not capture the feel and amazingness of this valley. 

I wanted atleast one pic of the both of us=). So my cuz, E snap some great ones. I am 33 weeks in these photos.
 I can't believe that is me in those pictures! My belly is huge!

And he is my super cool catbug cousin and his friend. 

Zach checking out the info at the overlook. 
Some other fun things we did (other than just chilling out, which was super fun in itself), was thrift shopping! We went to a few hardware stores and various places, but they thrift shops were my fav. 
I found these super cute wooden chickens! They were calling my name! 

Look what we found in the back room! UB was pumped about this.=)

Popping some tags.

Cool Cousin eating cheese puffs on a stick. Stay classy, that is our motto. 

We also shot some guns. I actually got a turn as well! The baby only jumped once=). 

It was such a fun trip with lots of visiting and resting involved! 
Thanks Aunt Cindy and Uncle Brian for having us! 

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