Saturday, April 13, 2013

Weekend wrap Photos!

What a week! 

Craziness has abounded this week as schedules were uprooted and rearranged, and every free moment was spent getting stuff done! 

I'm pushing hard to get everything ready (with the house, garden, chickens, etc) before baby decides to make his entrance. 
It is exhausting, but I really want a week or two before my due date to just chill out and not worry about things being unfinished. 

I guess my motto is HURRY UP SO I CAN RELAX! =)

Z was out of town for a few days, so I rearranged my schedule a bit (went into work late...thanks boss!) so I could get the K-man on the bus. I used to be in charge of this task kindergarten and 1st grade. But then my job changed and I had to go in earlier, so my husband took it over. 

Here is dapper dan in all his coolness ready for a warm spring day at school! 
I'm totally not ready for this "swagger" that boys tend to try to pull off as preteens.....

Daffodils are blooming! I picked a bunch and decorated the table with my best chicken and owl wear. The table cloth is vintage and embroidered...picked it up at a yard sale for a buck!! 

I spent a good deal of time in the evenings this week putting together furniture in the nursery. 
A shelf, changing table, and crib! And almost all by myself! I was slightly impressed. 

Here is the changing table. 

 A sneak peek of the room! 
In case you didn't already know, the nursery is going to be in green, navy, and white. Geographic prints are the theme....I'm not much of a jungle, forest, baby color type theme. I wanted something that could easily grow with baby. 
Subtle stripes on the walls were created with the same white, just high gloss and flat paint finished. I am pretty pleased with the outcome...just wish Wal-fart was better at paint mixing....but thats another story.

My two fav things in the room...this print and monster! I picked up the monster at a craft show and the print, I've been eyeing the artist (click here to see her stuff!) for years on etsy....

After working hard at my job, then working hard putting together furniture....this is what my feet looked like.....

GROSS! Cankles galore and my actual feet were like marshmallows. 

I took this pic earlier in the week.

So proud that I can wear this dress because it is not It's the little things. 
It is so hard for me to feel pretty and cute in maternity clothes, but this day, I loved my outfit!

We did take some breaks......

To visit with some dear friends!! 
It was so nice to hang and eat fried junk with two of my dearest friends, one who has moved very far away and out time together is so cherished! This photo shows K-man and Hud just chillin' and talking about cheese burgers....=)
Love you girls!

I'm off to pop some tags.

Happy Weekend! 

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Kristi Petrak said...

You are super cute and I love the preggo feet! I did not enjoy my preggo feet, but I think they are cute on others :) Hope you are doing well and managing through the "ugh..." stage of pregnancy!!

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