Thursday, June 27, 2013

One Month Old! What?!?

Can you believe this little face is one month old already???

Time has flown by....but also creeped along. 

My sweet little Ronan is changing so much every day! 
We have a doc appointment on Monday, so I am curious to see how much weight he has gained. 
Currently, he is still in newborn clothes! But he fills them out much better now, and I have a feeling he will be in the 0-3 month soon. 

I'm feeling myself again, thank goodness! Those post partum hormone changes can be rough! Luckily, I think that the worst is behind me, as I feel pretty good these days. 

So far, we have no real schedule, other than eating every 1-2 hours a day and 1-3 hours at night. A couple of nights we have even had a 4 hour stretch!!! But that was after a particularly fussy day....

Nursing is going splendidly! I'm so thankful for this and can relate to the mommas who struggle with BFing because I totally did with my first. Luckily, Ronan has been great at it! 

Ronan has been diagnosed with reflux=(. 
It is the saddest thing to see him hurting. He will wake up out of a dead sleep just screaming and squealing and you can just tell that something hurts.
He is taking zantac twice a day, but so far we haven't seen much improvement in either the spitting up or painfulness. 
Hopefully it starts working soon, or we will need to try something else. Some days, it is so bad that the poor little guy just can't stay asleep at all. It is exhausting for everyone involved!

Other days, he seems to catch up on sleep. Some days look like this:

And then some look like this.....

Overall though, he is the most wonderful little thing in my life. K-man is a wonderful big thing in my life too=). 

I think we have had a couple grins from Ronan, even though they say they are from gas, it seems like he is smiling in response to us! I LOVE it. 

I don't want to jinx us, but nights seem to be getting a little better. He is still up every couple hours, but most of the time goes right back to sleep....which is awesome. 

Its hard to decide during sleep times if I should sleep as well, or shower, clean, sew, work on my shop, etc. Sometimes sleep wins. Other times the laundry does.

Speaking of the shop, I am trying to post some more aprons and other items for a bit more variety in my online shop. At craft shows, I always have folks that want to buy aprons online, but I don't post them very often, so I am trying to remedy that. =). The goal is to make a little bit of money with the shop so that I don't have to go back to work right away. Fingers crossed. I'm trying to work hard at getting the shop where I want it to be. 
Soon, I will have the new blog up and running, and I am so excited!!!
The new address will be
I will blog and have my shop in one convenient!! 

I wanted to get some opinions on what you would like to see in my shop. 

More Aprons??

More Earrings??

Baby items??

Purses, bags, totes, pouches??

More Customizable items?

Hit me with your best ideas!! Or shoot me a message on my FB page

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear some new ideas! 

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Aunt Becky said...

He is beautiful, Meg! And you look beautiful too :) These new-born days seem to last forever, yet go quickly. As for items in your shop - my personal vote is for more earrings and bags/purses/totes, but those are the items I like :)

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