Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Garden Update

Brown Acres is a little neglected these days.....

...and for good reason! Baby Ronan is a month old and needs me alot. And I enjoy every minute of it. 
Part of me misses the garden though. 
Today, I got to make my rounds of the acre during morning nap. 

Look how cute Marceline is! She is one of the silkie chicks I hatched early this spring.

This is an Americauna chicken named Hawk.

The weeds are growing great here at Brown Acre! This is K-man's raised bed from last year. It didn't get planted this year (for obvious reasons) but look what came up! These beautiful flowers! I don't know what they are though...poppies??

My poor, neglected garden. The deer have decimated a lot of stuff, other plants just aren't doing well, and everything got planted later than normal. Oh, and it is a weedy mess. 

Our one peach that is growing! First year. I hope the birds or other critters don't get to it before it ripens.

My Raised Beds:
Garlic, broccoli, squash, and zucchini. Oh and some carrots.
I was a little random in planting at 9+ months preggo in May. 

Weeds. And some beans, onions, and squash.

Poor, pitiful tomatoes. Deer and blight are going to get the best of me.

Lots of randomness here. Broccoli, squash, carrots, and I just recently planted some beans on the far right end. (See my harvest basket peeking in the back?)

Stupid deer. These are supposed to be beans. Sunflowers on the left end. Zucchini on the bottom. I replanted the beans last night. We shall see how this goes....

Some other critter (deer maybe? More likely a groundhog) got in and ate up my strawberry plants. Did I mention the electric fence wasn't working for a few days? I also have some pitiful looking pepper plants here. 

Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and a pepper plant. Random, I told ya. 

The flower bed. There is a big bear spot in the center...not sure what that it about. But the flowers on the left will be gorgeous when they start blooming. I love fresh cut flowers in the house and garden. 

Here are the deer beans. They were blooming and beautiful. And then this. Ugh. Makes me sick. 

Apparently, deer don't like oregano. It is HUGE! Weird thing is I didn't even plant it this year. It is from last year and overwintered somehow. I'm not complaining, ya'll. 

Tomatoes on right. Corn on left. The tops of the corn was also eaten, but they have recovered. I didn't even know corn could do that! I hope we get some this year. I have never had good luck with corn for whatever reason. If not, I'm coming to your garden, Mom and Dad, and stealing some corn. Here's your warning=). 

Cluster of tomatoes.

Nothing can kill swiss chard. This is overwintered as well. Sad thing is....I don't like swiss chard. 

I did manage to plant one hill from last year. it is very weedy, but the squash don't seem to care. I have muskmelon, acorn squash, and butternut squash here. 

My butterfly bush is going crazy! I love watching the swarms of butterflies landing on it all summer long. I got this plant as a cutting from my momma. Since then I have done three more cuttings from this  one and planted them around the house. I may do some more around the greenhouse....speaking of....

The greenhouse is going crazy! Deer don't like greenhouses. Proven fact. 
We planted these tomatoes super early this year to test out the greenhouse capabilities. 
So far so good!! Except we didn't stake them...and now they are everywhere! 

After taking these photos, I spent a few minutes tying most of the tomato plants up. It looks much better now. 

Giant sunflower in the greenhouse.

Spillage of tomatoes.

In addition to replanting some beans last night, I also weeded five out of the 11 raised beds in my garden. It felt SO good to be outside and working in the dirt. 

Even though I love to garden, soak up the sun, sweat, and play in the dirt, I love my boys so much more. Being their mom trumps anything else. 
So, my garden is a mess this year. Things aren't growing. Deer are stupid. 

And ya know what? It's ok with me. 
Because I get to be a momma to two fantastic boys. 
It doesn't get any better than that.
 ...even when they are crying=).

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the garden. Smooch that baby instead. :) I hope you try out my chard recipe to see if you can actually eat it. I planted some this year but it just was not growing! Give your tomatoes and peppers some fertilizer, Miracle Grow or whatever organic product you prefer. If you haven't tried this before use a copper based fungicide on the tomatoes as well. Use it before you get the blight, it is better a preventative than as a cure. Here is one I found on Amazon:

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