Saturday, July 20, 2013

Family, Fun, Summer Galore!

Whew! These past several weeks have seemed to fly right by!

We've been keeping so busy, I've neglected the blog, yet again=).

But I am so thankful for all that has been going on in our lives on (and around) Brown Acre.

First, I want to show you a new furniture redo! Like always, I get excited and forget to take those darn before photos. But the finished product is a beauty! 

And she's still for sale! Click here for more info....

We've had such a great couple weeks with family!! 
And next week is going to be so much fun too!! But I'll leave that for another post...

Ronan has gotten to hang out with several members of the family.

Here he is with Aunt "KK". This boy sure loves her! When I can't get him to sleep, I just hand him right over and within minutes, he is out! Notice the natural mohawk?!? 

Sweet Cousin L. She sure loves Ronan! Always wanting to hug and kiss on him. It is just too sweet!

My sister, the kids, and I got to attend the Mannington festivities for the 4th of July. Here is Kole getting ready to battle. 

KK won a cake at the cake walk! I was so proud! Fulfilling my childhood dream from a elementary harvest party where everyone won a cake but me. Go KK!! 

G$ spent some quality time with Baby Ronan as well. 

More love from the cousins.

Random, yes. But this chicken won't stay off my porch this summer. She flies over the fencing and walks right out to the porch to chill. 

My Aunt Becky got to come in for a visit! It was so fun to hang with her! She's just great and "such a grown up"!! 

This is what we do when we all get together. Facebook. LOL

My sweet baby! I adore this child.

Also celebrated this month was Nana's birthday! 
We even got her in the hat at Mi Pueblo.

Then Kole had to take a turn=).


My brother and sister in law also came in for a visit. What sweet people they are.
I always feel so inspired and encouraged by visiting with them. 

Some gdaddy time.

Hopefully, you can forgive me for slacking on the blog. 
We are just having too much fun!!

Stay tuned for next week's post! We have something planned EVERYDAY for my sisters vacay!
 Can't wait!!

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