Thursday, July 19, 2012

Garden Tour

So, I already forgot about the wednesday thing......oh well. I'll do it next week.

For now, I wanted to do an update on my garden! Since my fav all time blog is One Hundred Dollars a Month, and my friend (well, I pretend) Mavis has a beautiful garden that I enjoy reading about, I thought my readers, all two of you, would like to see what has been growing on Brown Acre.

Some of my beautiful flowers! I think I am going to sell some bunches at the marketplace this weekend.

Sideways photo of one of K's snake gourds. We let him pick all the seeds for his raised bed this year and he has been tickled everytime something if ready to pick, or is doing well. I love teaching him about gardening and the beauty of our surroundings.

Hey, Girl, Hey!

Yup, thats a birdhouse gourd. I LOVE these.

Well Hello Sunflower! 

Ok what is this? I can't remember what I planted here. VERY vine-y. Like the birdhouse gourds, but this doesn't look  like a gourd...a cantaloupe? 

Ripening Tomatoes!

....and peppers!

Those stupid mexican bean beetles. I can't ever get a good crop of beans because of them. I squeeze them to death any chance I get.

My hole-y broccoli. It has taken FOREVER this year.

This was my harvest from the other day. Those of you who follow me on FB probably have seen this but I like this pic=). 

I am going to set a reminder RIGHT NOW on my phone to do a 3 things wed. next week. Promise.
Until then, peace out home slices.

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Mom said...

Love the update! Yours and Kole's flowers were very much appreciated for my birthday. Best flower gift ever.

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