Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wooden Sign Project

Yesterday, I spent the majority of my time under the canopy in the backyard painting. I have been wanting to try out a couple different techniques I have seen others do on the interwebs so I spent the day doing just that.

Dad found a few weathered boards during the chicken coop construction the he felt would make great craft items. He has such a good eye=). No pun intended....

Here are some of my supplies:
Acrylic paints
5 in. lettering stencils
paint brushes; various sizes
assorted sharpies
computer print out......that will come later.

Project #1:

The first item I made was for my husband. His constant response to things is "Word." So I made him a sign.

I traced each letter onto the board using the stencils and a pencil. I pressed kinda hard so that the pencil would make an indentation. This helped keep the paint in place.

I hand painted each letter. A little time consuming, but not too bad, as the indentations helped to keep the paint lined up where I wanted it. 

Then, I sprayed it with the clear acrylic spray paint. I'll probably put some matte mod podge over it as well,  but I didn't have any at the moment.

Finished product!!! I'll have to post later and show you where he decided to hang it. 

Project #2:

I have seen this featured on pinterest alot, and I have been wanting to try it for a while. 
A few years ago, I thought I was a painter. Like an honest to God, artist painter on canvas. 
Turns out, I'm not fantastic at it. So I had a bunch of painted canvases laying around the house (well under the spare bedroom bed). I decided to use those up for something that I would actually display in my house. 

I bought some letter stickers at the Wal-mart. The place where all your dreams come true. Not. 

I found this cute saying on pinterest and decided with the gardening, chickens, and music that is constantly pumped from our backyard, this would be great!
I placed the letters where I wanted them, or so I thought, making sure to press them down well.

Then, I spray painted the entire thing purple!!!

Once dry, I peeled off the letters to reveal the paint underneath. I really like this. The only thing I would change would be the brown color underneath "turnip" and "the". I should have painted over that with some other color. Just not vibrant enough. But all in all, I really like how it turned out!

Here is a second one that I made. I think I am going to paint a pink or red heart the the empty space to the right. It needs something........not sure what else though. I do love this old hymn=). 

Project #3:

Back to painting on wood. I knew I wanted this large piece to say Brown Acre. I tried spray painting with the stencils first. It was a no go. The spray paint just sucked right into the old wood. So I did what worked before. Used my trusty old pencil and gouged an outline for each letter. 
Then, hand painted each one. I was a little faster time actually. 

But it needed.....something. 

So I jumped on my computer and found this awesome chicken clip art. I printed. And ran back outside.

I placed the clip art face down in the center. Then, I used a wet paint brush and dampened the paper slightly. I took my sharpie and used the rounded end to "scribble" all over the back.

The ink from the printer transfered!!! I just used some black acrylic paint to fill in spaces. 

Then I decided I needed some girly, paisley designs. So I tried the ink transfer method and it didn't work at all this time....not sure what the deal was with that. 

So I just free handed the image I liked onto the sign. 

Kinda hard to see here but you can click on the pic to enlarge.

Then I did another little design on the other side in white. 

And here's my finished sign!!! I can't wait to hang it up!

Like it? Let me know!

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Rachel said...

I love them all! Great job!! I keep saying that I need a couple of WEEKS to buy supplies, get away, and just make all of the stuff I have "pinned." :)

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