Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Chicken Coop!!!

Yesterday, we had a yard sale. Mom and Dad came over to our neck of the woods and we all set up our "treasures" for other people to sift through. It was a foggy, cloudy, humid morning/day. We didn't do so well.

While this was happening, Z and Dad were working on an summer chicken coop. 
I had a video, but it didn't work, so here are some photos!
Here is a side view. Not quite finished yet, but almost there!

Look at the custom built door! The awesome part is that we didn't have to buy anything!! All supplies came from what we had laying around. 

The other side view. Notice the small solar panel for the inside light=)

The inside. We have set up some roosting trees in the corner. Also, the nesting boxes (whatever those end up being made out of) will go in the back.

An old ladder for roosting. 

Still need to hang these babies so we can hang our waterer and food dispensers. 

I was so excited to watch it some together! We still have a few things left to do, but I'm thinking we will be putting chickens in tonight. 

Today, I have been preserving food....ALL DAY! 

I got up this morning and picked veggies from the garden. Over 15 lbs of food today! 
I harvested potatoes, tomatoes, green beans, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, and a bit of basil. 

So far, I have made yellow pear tomato preserves (which the hubby says was delish), pasta sauce (which lids are popping as I type), frozen diced carrots, and frozen shredded zucchini. 

Geesh! What a day!!!


Tiffany Rose said...

I LOVE your life! :) Sorry the yard sale wasn't as much of a success as you would've hoped.

I couldn't see the video but it could very well be my extremely old Mac.

Keep posting!

Anonymous said...

way cool

Aunt Becky said...

Great pictures! I love reading about your farming life :) Your flowers are beautiful too! I was looking for one of you bags on Etsy - do you sell those??? You are one busy woman - and I love reading about everything you are doing. "I'm so proud of're all grown up!" Not driving a mini van, but still :)

Deborah said...

This was so fun to read about, you little domestic diva you!

I am so glad you're bloggng again!!

Love from TX.

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