Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Barrel Back Chair Revival

Remember these ugly pink barrel back chairs? 
They have a new life!!!!
I was really terrible about taking pictures of the process this time....sorry=(.
I just got so excited everytime I got to work on them that I forgot.
We've been super busy with school, football, and other life stuff that I was having a hard time finding the time in my schedule to work on these. They took me a couple weeks to finish, using spare minutes here and there.
I first stripped all the old fabric off and took out all the staples. Big, time consuming job.
I saved all the batting to use as it was not in bad shape at all!
I sanded and painted each chair an off white color to match the fabric I had purchased.
Then, I used the old fabric to cut out my new pieces. GASP!! I didn't have enough! I guessed 4 yards would be enough, but when I got to the fabric store, and found this PERFECT fabric, there was only 3 and 1/2 yards. Ends up, this was a VERY happy mistake.
I looked in my chest full of fabric and found some off white satin and a vintage lace curtain panel.
I cut out my pieces and started attaching just to see if it would hold up and look ok.
As soon as I put it on there I was IN LOVE! It was totally meant to be. I can't imagine these chairs without the lace now. SO chic and elegant.

Here is the front view of the chair with just the satin and lace.
Next, I needed to staple the back panel fabric to the back support I cut strips from cardboard and stapled each down for a seamless finish on the back with no pulling.

Pic of the cardboard support.

Here is where things got a little trickier. I had to staple down the front fabric to the inside of a groove along the edges. This was more difficult than it sounds.....
I used home dec. weight fabric for sturdiness and cause it was just pretty.
My fancy stapler. I do have an electric one that is much easier to use, but it doesn't take the smaller, more delicate staples needed for this kind of project. So, I ran to Walmart and bought this manual one.....Much better=)

I almost forgot. Before putting on the outter fabric, I stuck the stuffing back in and tacked it down in a few places to stay put.
Somewhere in there I re-did the seats. They were super easy. The most difficult part was folding the corners in an asthetically pleasing way. No to hard.

Here is the first one finished!

A few days later.....they are both done. I am so pleased!

I brought them outside to photograph them in the natural lighting, although I would not recommend keeping them outside permanently.

Oh the back! LACE! I Love Love Love this so much. I am tempted to keep these.....but I have to start supporting my furniture buying habit, so I am going to have to part with them.

A detail shot. I made the piping myself! Patting myself on the back as I type....
Have I mentioned how much I love these?!? LOL
Anyways, they are for sale. I have them posted on my facebook, in craigslist, and on etsy for $150 (actually I put a little more for them on etsy as it costs me to post things on there). We shall see if they do sell. If not, I'll be happy to keep them.
On another note, I am trying to find the time to do some canning and processing of all the harvest my garden has given me this year! Here is a pic of me and my sister at my parents house, using their electric food mill to make some tomato juice. This was super easy and fast, thanks to the machine and my sister, KK. Thanks!!!!

Now I just have to can it.....along with the bagillion beans waiting in my fridge.
I think I will snap beans while at K-man's football practice tonight....think I'll look like a weirdo? Haha!


Brenda C said...

Okay, Megan, I usually just read your posts and am silently impressed with all your projects -- but this time I just have to comment! Those chairs are AWESOME!! Excellent work, girl!! :) Love, Aunt Brenda

Mom said...

I love your chairs too! They are truly a work of art. The lace is fantastic. I can't imagine that you won't have a buyer very soon.

Aunt Donna said...

Absolutely love these chairs! And didn't I read on FB that you had sold them already. Not surprised!!

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