Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It is Wednesday! 3 things.....

Here is my weekly posting of three categories with three items in each.

Three projects in need of completion:

1.) This chair! I scored this for $15 at goodwill. I will do a separate posting on the re-do.

2.) Pillow covers for my friend who is re-decorating her living space. I can whip those out in less than an's just a matter of starting=)

3.) New coop nesting boxes....We are only using salvaged materials for this thing. We have an unused kitchen cabinet in the garage that would be perfect......

Three sounds I am hearing right now:

1.) Click click click---forks on a plate full of delish breakfast my hubby so kindly made. 

2.) CRASH!----kittens (or almost full grown cats now) knocking things over in my living room. These guys are messy! And kinda dumb. Willie Nelson almost died yesterday from suffocation. He stuck his head in the turtle food container and got stuck. He FREAKED out. He literally flew down the stairs and hit the bottom three stairs HARD. We had to wrench him outta that thing. It was stuck good. It took him all day to recover. I'm just glad we were home, or he would have died!!=(

3.) Coffee brewing! I love coffee. So much. 

Three fun things before summer is over!:

1.) Kennywood?!? I don't know if there is time left for this, but it would be so fun to go ride some coasters with the K-man. 

2.) Football practice. Every night until school starts. Sounds terrible, but I honestly enjoy going and watching. 

3.) Tanger Outlets!! Back to school shopping for all!!! I love to shop. And I love the outlets. I can get so many things for a fraction of what I would pay at the mall. 

Now to start on my to-do list.......

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