Saturday, August 25, 2012

It has begun.....

Summer is officially over...atleast for me. We started back to school last Monday, hence the lack of new postings here. It has been a super busy life the last week between school and K-man's football practice and games. I feel like I just can't catch up!! There are so many things I want to be doing, and I just don't have the time. There are tomatoes rotting on my kitchen counter and green beans waiting to be canned in the fridge. I didn't get to the garden for a full week!! Can you believe it?!?!
Its been exhausting, but hopefully I can get into a routine and start back doing the things I love.

Here is K-Man before his scrimmage on Sunday: So tough.

Just a strange evening at practice of rain and sunshine. Weird.

So we kinda have a dog. She is a sweetie. We named her Hazel (because I just love old time-y names) 

She was a stray and we tried to find her home for a week...posting everywhere, walking around neighborhood, etc. When no one claimed her and we realized what a GOOD dog she was (and only 9 mo. old!!) we decided to keep her. 

On one of our weekly walks to the Book Mobile, we decided to take hazel with us to kill two birds with one stone. I went into the book mobile while K-Man stood outside in the heat with Hazel, as she couldn't come in. There was an older lady I had never met chatting up the librarian. She smiled at me, looked out the dog, and exclaimed "ANGEL?!?!?". I was throughly confused.

Eventually the story came out. Hazel was found by this lady a few weeks ago, who didn't want her but feed her and cared for her instead of sending her to the kill shelter. She saw what a good dog she was, but couldn't find anyone to take her. She then told me that she was sure "angel" had come to us because we were good people and could give her a good home. And our yard was like a puppy Although I didn't know her...we quickly became friends. Before parting, she asked if she could come get angel/Hazel sometime to go swimming in the river.....I said absolutely!! 

This is what I'm working on today!! Hopefully I will finish them and have a new tutorial/post tomorrow=).

Be looking for my next post on reupholstering these beauties!!!

Until then, dear readers, stay strong! We will survive!

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