Saturday, November 24, 2012

November News

Wow! November has been a big month for us! I am always shocked at how quickly we go from trick or treating to christmas just flys by! 

Here is the first bit of exciting news that we are sharing this month.....

We are going to have a baby!! 

This pic freaks me out a little....haha! 

So precious. 14 weeks.
We had our most recent ultrasound earlier this week and had such a great time showing the photos off to our family during the holiday. 

I was SHOCKED at how much the baby moved! It was flipping all around and making it difficult for the tech to get pictures! Later on in the appointment though, the baby chilled out and we got these awesome profile pictures. 

This video is slightly blurry...not sure why. But it was a special moment that I want to share with you.

Baby Brown is the size of a large naval orange this week. Wow!

We are due on May 25th, just a few days after my bday. 

My latest concern is how I'm going to plant a garden being super hugely pregnant!?! I may just have to put my boys to work, while I sip ice water and recline on the porch. 

Other big news this week.....My K-man turned 9 years old!! WHAT?!?! How did that happen????

We had a lego themed birthday party...go figure. My child has loved legos for so many years now, it just seemed appropriate. 

We were lucky enough that the community building (right down the street from our house) was available that evening! I didn't have to clean my house...woot woot!
A friend of mine made this awesome cake! 

Cassandra loving on some collos pizza!

Time to sing!!!

This cake was super heavy!

The birthday boy in his lego shirt I made hugging the lego man. 

So silly!

Aunt KK and Baby L

The grandmothers!

Theres the shirt. The back has a lego man head with K-mans name and the front is a lego yoda saying "9 you must be!"

He read every card. 

Snow globe from his bff cousin KB. 


Aunt C was such a big help. I was slightly exhausted by this point. Just. want. to sit.

Lego tower competition! 

Uncle Z is the best!

Here are some of the decoration photos I took before people arrived.....
Lego man head pops, lego waters, lego head straws, lego head cups, polka dot plates and napkins....

I made the bunting with lego font and red construction paper. 

The tables......I even put some legos at the adults tables so we would have something to play with!

Dot candies...
I wanted the lego candy, but lo and behold, when I drove the 20 minutes to the candy shop, to spend a stupid amount of money on stupid lego candy.....they were completely out! Lame. These tasted better anyways!

The kids had a creation table all to themselves. They had a great time building and creating. 

Another bunting.

Favors for the kids. Coloring books, bubbles, playdough. Also off the the right, we had a guesstimation station. 

Some of the family and friends enjoying food. 

Z and his Dad solving world problems....

My brother and sis being so silly.

The moms! 

Can you find the lego head?

Later on this week we had thanksgiving!!! 
It was so good!
Lots of family and amazing food. 

This is the only photo I got the whole day! 

Over all, it was a wonderful (yet busy) month!! 

I can't wait to start decorating for christmas!!!!!


Tiffany said...


You life is overflowing with blessings! Love you sister!!

Deborah said...

How exciting!! I am so thrilled for you.

Kole's party looks so great. What a blessing to have all those family members there to help celebrate.

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