Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nursery Part 2: Polka dot walls and crib skirt

Today, I've been busily getting some things ready for baby. I'm pretty sure the nesting has officially kicked in. 

I have a list of to-do (both baby related, and everything else related=) that I have been trying to cross things off of. The nursery is almost complete!! I'm just waiting on a few key pieces to finish it off. 

I saw this tutorial on pinterest, went to the blog, and follow this girls instructions for a Polka dot fabric wall treatment.  I had to change some things around for it to work for me, and I wanted to share what I did! 


It turned out awesome! 

 Here is the process that worked for me. 

I chose my fabrics based on what I already had for the room. I needed something to make circles with, so I grab some various embroidery hoops I had stashed away and used those.

I used flannel, home decor weight fabric, and quilters cotton.

I traced around the inner part of the circles, varying sizes and fabrics. 

Then, I cut everything out. 

Well, almost everything. I ended up going back and cutting out more pieces to fill in places...

Next, I blared some John Prine. Quite important to the overall success of this project.

I painted the nursery a while back, and was lazy and didn't patch some random holes that were left by the previous owners of the house (yes, 5 years ago.)
So I knew I wanted to use this particular part of the wall to cover most of those holes. 

I randomly started laying out my circles and rearranging them in a way that looked good on the floor....
And then I promptly discarded that and just started sticking things worked for me=)

In the tutorial I was following, she says to drench each fabric circle with spray starch and then it will just stick to the wall like a sticker.... didn't work. I don't know if it was the fabric or the slightly textured walls, but this is what was happening with the Home Dec. weight fabric (that I also used here for the curtains). 

Good thing I have a large stash of random craft supplies in the craft room! 

I ran downstairs (ok, totally lying....I waddled), and grabbed my craft spray adhesive. 

To the rescue! 

I can't speak for long term use, as I just did this project this morning, but I did pull off and re-adhere some circles as I went and they still stuck. But perhaps after drying for a whole day it wouldn't work. 
Either way, I was pleased with the results. I used to spray starch on the front side of each circle, and spray adhesive on the back side of each. 
The spray starch helped to smooth things down evenly. 

Here are some more shots of the finished wall!! 

I'm so very pleased. 

See the tiny viking hat?! 

In love with this treatment! It was pretty easy once I got the hang of it.

Now, this next part isn't a full tutorial, since I didn't take many pictures. 
But I wanted to show off the bed skirt that I made! 

I love the look of the ruffled skirts, but felt they were too girly for a boys nursery. 
So I ended up make just a simple straight skirt.

 I measures the crib length and width and cut my pieces about an inch larger on all sides to account for hemming. 
I had three sides One for the front and two for the sides. (I didn't make one for the back, as it is up against the wall, no one will see it, and it seemed like a waste of time/fabric). 

I ironed each edge 1/4 in then 1/4 an inch under again to hem.

Then, I attached some ribbon along the top edges of all three pieces. 

This way, I can adjust the skirt as I adjust the height of the crib bed. When the bed lowers, the skirt won't drag the floor, because I will just re-tie the skirt higher up! Genius! 

I then decided the front needed a little something......
 ....and I found some rick rack and ribbon. 
I sewed both of those on just the front. 
It kinda wrinkled up a bit at the bottom...maybe my tension was off on my machine or something. I dunno. Either way, its not perfect, but I still love it!!!

I'm currently washing baby clothes as well today! 

Nesting away. 

I just hope I get it all done before he gets here=).


Deborah Thomas said...

Very cute. I will pass this on to my daughter for my granddaughter when it time to redo her room. Love your site. Stop by and visit me when you get a chance. --Debbie

Krystie said...

Congrats, and how exciting~
the wall looks great, love how you made it continue a little bit on the next wall too.

The print of the fabric I believe is awesome for the baby's eyes to look at! Best of luck

Kathy, Mom said...

This is so beautiful! Can't believe I haven't seen it yet. Hopefully next week.

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